Ahmet Ağaoğlu, president of Trabzonspor: The regret of my life

Ahmet Ağaoğlu, president of Trabzonspor: The regret of my life


Trabzonspor club president Ahmet Ağaoğlu announced the transfer negotiations within the team and the offer after the championship. Ağaoğlu also mentioned the celebration in Istanbul and the limit of foreign players.

Ahmet Ağaoğlu, president of Trabzonspor: The regret of my life

Ahmet Ağaoğlu, one of the chief architects who brought Trabzonspor the championship the community is missing in the Super League, has made special statements to beIN Sports.

The words of Ağaoğlu, who ran on many issues ranging from transfer to offers and contracts for the team’s players, from the foreign border in the league to the offer to Abdülkadir Ömür, are as follows;


“If Sivasspor become champions there will be a problem, there are people who are uncomfortable with the celebrations. Why is this team celebrating here? There are 3-5 million people from Sivas to Istanbul. I think they will go to Sivas by bus and celebrate. Of course, these are jokes. Everyone can celebrate their championship wherever they want, no one has a monopoly on any part of the country, especially the Bosphorus bridges.


“Lille came with 8 million euros for Yusuf Yazıcı, he left with 18 with a good deal. After giving Yusuf, an offer came from Manchester City for Abdulkadir Omur. When Yusuf arrived at 18 million euros , 23 million euros was offered for Abdülkadir Ömür. I thought it was not right to send both at the same time. To refuse this offer is the regret of my life. Then he suffered an injury , his age is still young. I think his performance and value will increase.

“With 10-12 PLAYERS…”

“I don’t need to build a team to play one-on-one with Manchester United. When you spend 2-3 times the money from there and you don’t succeed, you will notice. Even if we weren’t champions, there would be no fluctuation in Trabzonspor’s budget, if you have financial problems when you can’t achieve your goal, it becomes a problem.

Our teacher transferred the request from us to 4 posts. Regarding these, we have 10-12 players that we have contacted. We want players who won’t upset the club’s transfer balance and who will play logically.”


“We paid Anthony Nwakaeme as much as we could. The 3-year contract seemed high to us. A very valuable player. The fact that she is 33 does not worry me either. We have made our offer and we are waiting. I want Uğurcan to stay. I think 3 times when an offer comes to him. I want him to stay with us. The only official offer came from abroad to Ahmetcan Kaplan.


“If 7+4 comes into play, not 8+3 or 7+4, you can have 12 players in the squad, not 14 players this time. Clubs have to send not one but two players. As chairman of Association of clubs, it is my duty to tell them to the TFF. The transfer schedule has been announced, the limits are not clear. We will wait for the new management. I don’t know if it’s 14 players or 12 players. There is such uncertainty. I have time ahead of me, but I have to review my plan. I am making the plan in March, but you as TFF do not give a clear statement on the number of players. ‘foreigners. The teams will create a budget and plan according to what. That Nihat Özdemir does not miss, let’s not miss, he said “Come on, thank you” and he left. All clubs support 8+3.



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