Ahmet Ağaoğlu: Rejecting Manchester City’s €23m offer was the regret of my life

Ahmet Ağaoğlu: Rejecting Manchester City's €23m offer was the regret of my life


Ağaoğlu, regarding Edin Visca, who transferred from Başakşehir to Trabzonspor this season, said: “Visca did a good job. He also contributed to the championship, but it was an expensive transfer by my standards. I’m losing my sleep when you give such money. My only happiness is that this money is the football of the country. I said the same thing about the transfers of Berat, Siopis and Bakasetas. made a statement.

Ahmet Ağaoğlu said that after the Turkish Cup victory in the 2019/20 season, the UEFA European Cup ban affected the team and said: “After the cup final , we were banned from the European cups It is difficult to keep the current team Sörloth left, a few players, the skeleton of the team broke and we lost power.

In this process, we reached an agreement with Abdlluah Avcı. The coach told us what he could do with the group of players he had, and at the end of the season the one-on-one plans overlapped. In doing so, we have planned the 2021/22 season in February and March 2021. Strangely received. We made our plans, in April our transfer area, camping, friendlies and transfers were ready.

Before the start of the friendlies, some of our main rivals in the championship race had not yet signed with their coaches. We started the preparatory camp with all the staff, except for Marek Hamsik and Andreas Cornelius.”


Referring to the transfer efforts, Ahmet Ağaoğlu said: “I don’t have to put together a team that will play one-on-one with Manchester United. You will spend 2-3 times the money coming from there and you will get back account if you don’t succeed. Trabzonspor’s budget wouldn’t fluctuate even if we weren’t champions. If you have a problem, there’s a problem.

Our teacher transferred the request from us to 4 posts. Regarding these, we have 10-12 players that we have contacted. We want players who won’t upset the club’s transfer balance and who will play logically.”


Regarding the transfer status of Anthony Nwakaeme, Uğurcan Çakır and Ahmetcan Kaplan, Ahmet Ağaoğlu said: “We gave Anthony Nwakaeme the highest salary we could give. The 3-year contract was high for us. is a very valuable player.” We made our offer and we are waiting. I want Uğurcan to stay. I think 3 times when an offer comes to him. I want him to stay with us. The only official offer came. to Ahmetcan Kaplan from abroad.”

Regarding Manchester City’s offer to Abdülkadir Ömür, Ağaoğlu said: “An offer of 23 million euros has been received from Manchester City to Abdülkadir Ömür. I regret to reject this offer. After Yusuf Yazıcı, I don’t did not favor the departure of both the team.” said.


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