Andreas Pistiolis, head coach of Galatasaray Nef: Keep fighting…

Andreas Pistiolis, head coach of Galatasaray Nef: Keep fighting...


Greek coach Andreas Pistiolis continues to work wonders at Galatasaray Nef. Pistiolis, who is Aslan’s head coach with 7 games remaining in the regular season in the ING Basketball Super League, initially won all of those games and took the team to the Play-Offs. Then, beating Bahçeşehir College in 2 games in the quarter-finals and making 9 out of 9, Pistiolis started the Anadolu Efes series in the semi-finals with this great series. Even though Anadolu Efes is the big favorite, the Euroleague champion, although he played both in the first game and away, Galatasaray Nef managed to beat his opponents by 35 points with an incredible score from 105-70. Thus, Galatasaray grabbed the home advantage in the series, while Pistiolis earned their 10th win in Game 10.

“We have shown our ability”

Pistiolis, who managed to become the lover of Galatasaray fans in a short time, does not give up his precautions despite the magnificent victory against Ephesus. “We are still ahead 1-0,” said the Greek coach, in a statement after the different victory, “We are not finished yet. We have shown our ability and we have not given up seriousness. We “We’ve got to keep our focus high and keep fighting. We’re playing the Play-Off series. We’re going to watch the next two games and have some good power behind us,” he said.

Captain Göksenin: We beat the best

Team captain Göksenin Köksal said they would never back down in the series and said: “We thank our fans here. Anadolu Efes are the best team in Europe. We played with this awareness, we We are out to win. We are Galatasaray! It doesn’t matter who we play with. We said it wouldn’t be easy. The series ends at three. We have home advantage right now. Hopefully we can defend in this way and play with percentage in attack and win the second game. We led the half with 9 points. After that we played with serious percentage and eliminated Anadolu Efes from the game. We have to play as That. They are the Euroleague champions. “It’s a pride for Turkish basketball. That’s why we’re not going to back down. We want to reach the final,” he said.

Canaan: The game plan was great

Another Galatasaray Nef player, Isaiah Canaan, who contributed significantly to Efes’ win, said: “It was an amazing night. We trained very well during the week. We were looking forward to this game. The coach has come up with an excellent game plan. We stayed together throughout the game. Efes will be more ready for the next game. We will try to be more prepared for this game. The coach led us to good points. He sends us to the right places so that we can use our abilities. We believe in ourselves. The whole technical team and the coach believe in us. We are still on the pitch with great self-confidence. We are not just a player. We are a team. A single player does not make the difference. This is our strength,” he said.


Galatasaray, who started the semi-final series with a 1-0 advantage by beating Euroleague champion Anadolu Efes by a historic 105-70 margin in the opener, and secured the home advantage, will again be the guest of the Dark Blues – White team for the 2nd game today. Aslan will look to bring the series to 2-0 in this fight. In the semi-final series, where the winner of 3 wins will make a name for themselves in the final, Anadolu Efes, fed up with the Final-Four, aims to even the situation at home. Regular season 2nd place Efes knocked out Karşıyaka 2–1 in the quarter-finals, and regular season 3rd place Galatasaray had previously defeated another European champion Bahçeşehir 2–0 in the quarter-finals.



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