Beşiktaş: We strongly condemn the manuscript of the author, Cem Küçük

Beşiktaş: Yazar müsveddesi Cem Küçük’ü şiddetle kınıyoruz

The Beşiktaş Club reacted harshly to the words of fellow writer Cem Küçük: “If politics wants it, he will finish Beşiktaş”. “We strongly condemn Cem Küçük, who is a journalist and writer, and we know that our community will not accept these similar senseless and provocative comments as interlocutors,” the statement said. “We invite the prosecutors to do their duty”.


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Beşiktaş Club reacted to the words of fellow writer Cem Küçük: “If politics wants it, he will finish Beşiktaş”. In the statement, which referred to Küçük as “the author’s manuscript”, prosecutors were called upon to apply Law No. “6222”.

He made allegations about Beşiktaş tax debt in the Football in the Studio broadcast yesterday on TGRT. When discussing politics, football and tax cuts with studio guests, Küçük said, “It’s done for all teams. If it’s downloading, you do what the policy says. If he doesn’t want politics, will Beşiktaş stay in the middle? If politics wants it, he can finish Beşiktaş in one day; A phone call will finish the job, Beşiktaş will not be left in the middle”.

Küçük’s lyrics received a stern response from Beşiktaş.

In a statement issued by Blacks and Whites, “The journalist strongly condemns the manuscript by writer, Cem Küçük, and we know that our community will not accept these similar senseless and provocative comments.” We invite prosecutors to participate to the implementation of the law,” he said.

Beşiktaş’ statement is as follows:

He strongly condemns the draft of journalist and writer, Cem Küçük, who unknowingly crossed the line and commented “If politics wants, he can finish Beşiktaş” in the program Football in the Studio broadcast on TGRT on Sunday, May 29, 2022. C It is clear that these ignoramuses, who have ideas in both fields without knowledge of politics and sport, go beyond their limits to line their pockets for the sake of economic profit.

Provocateurs who think of doing journalism using someone’s name should know that next year we will celebrate the 120th anniversary of Beşiktaş together with the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

We invite prosecutors to take part in the implementation of Law No. 6222 preventing violence and disorder in sports for the so-called television commentator who works to disturb the public peace. Because the Beşiktaş community is not a place where these speakers and others like them will make rankings with their antics. You should know that the lashes of this will be heavy.

As an example of the sensitivity and support that our state shows to each taxpayer with its institutions concerned, the “mind in suspense” campaign was launched for this person, who was so crazy that the tax cut he applied to us, without any privileges, was on the verge of confiscating them with their familiar style, and in this way, perhaps it turned out that he had a mind that he could think correctly, so that can learn to think first and then to think correctly.

We would like to remind the Turkish sporting public on this occasion that;

Beşiktaş DOES NOT END!”

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