Burak Elmas left the room… Ergin Ataman criticizes the management of Galatasaray

Burak Elmas left the room... Ergin Ataman criticizes the management of Galatasaray


ING Basketball Super League Second game of the play-off semi-final yesterday Anatolia Ephesusin his own domain Galatasaray Naf’During the match, the president of Galatasaray Burak diamond He left the game and some of the Galatasaray fans were kicked out of the venue.

Anadolu Efes Head Coach Ergin Ataman, makes a statement on these matters.

– What did Ergin Ataman say?

Expressing his opinion on the departure of Burak Elmas from the hall, Ataman said: “All the front seats on the pitch during Efes games are seasonal suits. Despite this, the owners of the suits are in demand and a place for 2 people are requested for the president and his wife, and for his children, Cem Kınay, where my associates and my guests from Galatasaray and Ömer Mısırlı are seated, but the president left the room because the seats of the federation were full because of his insistence on sitting together. 2 clubs agreed on box allocation before matches and they have already been allocated a box. Burak Elmas and his family are people i ‘appreciate it very much. And if I knew in advance that they would be my guests in the best seats, I would lift my family and make them sit down.’

– Expulsion of Galatasaray fans from the venue

Mentioning the issue of kicking Galatasaray fans out of the hall, Ergin Ataman said, “The field security guards are also the company that Anadolu Efes and Galatasaray jointly use at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall. The issue of Galatasaray fans being expelled completely eludes us, the enforcement of the existing away ban by security. Also, Efes in the first game. The managers of Galatasaray in good faith filled the place allocated by Galatasaray for the families of Galatasaray athletes with 40 to 50 fans, cheers were made from there and the police had to intervene again,” he said. -he says.

– “Galatasaray fans created the heaviest atmosphere”

“I don’t understand what is being done with this fuss,” the experienced coach said. “If there is an attempt to create tension for Galatasaray’s home games starting tomorrow, there is no need to do so. Galatasaray fans have created the heaviest atmosphere in the past. and today in all the environments they are in. After the game, my son Sarp Si had responded when I was insulted and attacked by a group of 25-30 fans outside the parking lot of Sinan Erdem Sports Hall when I was with him we were talking about very different things We are trying to get the sport done While all of Europe is talking about the Anadolu Efes team and Turkish basketball today I I’m so sorry that this perception was created by our greatest friend.”

– What did he say about Burak Elmas leaving the room?

Addressing the issue of President Burak Elmas’ departure from the hall once again, Ataman said, “Furthermore, I wish our esteemed President would show this sensitivity when he appeared on Fatih Altaylı’s show on Haber Türk in January, reacting to the promotion that offended him and his position, and us Galatasaray fans. If he had left the program and shown the same sensitivity. However, if a mistake was made against him yesterday due to the inability of some officials to produce an immediate solution, I apologize as head coach of the Efes team. We are friends, and the bond of love that will solve all family problems cannot be broken by anyone. Wholehearted support for us on the way to the European Championship I would like to thank once again the entire Galatasaray community and a great Galatasaray supporters who have given their support.


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