Cardano Whale: This Altcoin will be as rare as Bitcoin!

Cardano Whale: This Altcoin will be as rare as Bitcoin!


According to ADA Whale, speaking to the Cardano community, ADA has the potential to become a rare asset as the leader in Bitcoin (BTC) crypto.

Cardano could be as rare as Bitcoin, according to ADA Whale!

According to ADA Whale, who addressed the Cardano community on Twitter, Cardano remains one of the few cryptocurrencies to come close to Bitcoin’s dispersion and inflation. Also, the ADA whale thinks that ADA might become a rather scarce asset at some point in the future, as the leader might follow a crypto-like path.

ADA Whale claims to find Bitcoin’s momentum fair due to its fair distribution, low price to allow many people to buy it, and fixed supply. As is known, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto also limited the maximum supply of BTC to 21 million tokens, believing that scarcity can create value. As we mentioned in the news, the 19 millionth Bitcoin was issued in April and there are only two million BTC left to be mined in about 100 years.

Unlike its main altcoin rival Ethereum, Cardano has a limited supply and only 45 billion ADA can be created during the lifetime of the altcoin. According to data from CoinMarketCap, 33.82 billion ADA are currently in circulation, representing 75% of the maximum supply, and 34.27 billion ADA have been created to date.

On the other hand, Cardano Whale believes that due to the ongoing negative market conditions, it may not be time to load into ADA in the current situation and states:

It’s a bear market, so be prepared for months of negative double-digit returns. I’m just trying to see this from a long-term perspective.

Cardano Closed Vasil Test-Net Launched Ahead of Hard-Fork

According to the latest weekly report published by Cardano’s parent company, IOHK, the Vasil closed testnet has been launched to evaluate its functionality with a specific set of dApps and users. The ADA team continues to work on consensus-specific improvements in preparation for the Vasil Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event in June.

Cardano network growth statistics, Source:

IOHK has shared data that includes information about the network’s growth. While there were 943 projects before, the number of projects currently built on Cardano has reached 986. A total of 88 projects have been launched on Cardano recently, while the number of NFT projects has increased to 5,727. During the week, Github connect totaled 3,028, while native Cardano tokens stood at 4.9 million.

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