Cardholders receive 100 TL.

A very important announcement has been made by İşbank. In this announcement, it was mentioned that a special campaign has been launched for those who have the Maximum card. As Father’s Day approaches, it has been stated that 100 TL MaxiPuan will be loaded onto the prepared campaign cards for those who wish to purchase gifts for their father. Also, in the announcement made by İşbank, it was stated that the campaign will end on June 20, and with your Maximum card, you will earn 250 TL or more at one time from Maximum workplaces. selected companies in the clothing, accessories sector. , shoes, cosmetics, optics, flowers, stationery and electronic retail sector. It has been reported that you will earn 25 TL and a total of 100 TL MaxiPoints for your purchases.


Details were also shared following the bank’s announcement. In the announcement, it was stated that you can participate in the campaign for free by clicking on the “Join” button in the “Campaigns” section of the Maximum Mobil app, and the MaxiPoints earned can only be used at the places of contract work Maximum. It has been indicated that your MaxiPoints will be loaded onto your card, on which the last purchase was made, on July 05, 2022.

It has been stated that the expiration date of MaxiPuans is August 31, 2022 and the points uploaded to Maximiles will not be converted to MaxiMil and the Advance MaxiMil cannot be used to close the additional card. It was stated that he could earn 100 TL MaxiPoints.


The following statements were included in the announcement regarding campaign details:

The campaign covers purchases of 250 TL or more to be made from maximum contract workplaces of companies operating in the selected sectors. Only Maximum Mobil can participate in the campaign. All purchases made at different workplaces on the same day are included in the campaign. Only one of the purchases made at the same workplace on the same day will be included in the campaign.

MaxiPoints will be refunded if purchases made during the campaign period are canceled or purchased products are returned. Payments made with the pay at the door option in online shopping will not be included in the campaign. İşbank has the right to stop the campaign or change the terms of the campaign.

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