Champions League final: Liverpool request official investigation from UEFA into Paris game

Champions League final: Liverpool request official investigation from UEFA into Paris game

Liverpool have called for an investigation into what happened ahead of the Champions League final game against Real Madrid.

The final match was postponed for 30 minutes “for security reasons”.

Police sprayed tear gas at a group outside who were climbing the iron barriers.

UEFA said the confusion was caused by thousands of people buying fake tickets.

Noting that what happened with the French police and security forces will be assessed, the statement from the UEFA administration continues:

“Towards the start of the match, the turnstiles on the Liverpool side were blocked as thousands of fans who had bought fake tickets tried to get through with them.

“This resulted in a large number of fans gathering to enter. As a result, the kick-off whistle was delayed for 35 minutes so that as many people as possible with real tickets could enter the stadium. .

“Because the crowd continued after kick-off outside the stadium, the police used tear gas to disperse it.

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Clusters outside the stadium

Liverpool defender Andy Robertson described the organization with the phrase “crowded”.

A statement was also made from the Liverpool club, arguing that what happened was unacceptable.

The description of the club is as follows:

“We are deeply saddened by what Liverpool fans experienced tonight at the Stade de France, as the stadium’s security chain was broken.

“It’s the biggest game in European football and the fans didn’t have to experience what we saw tonight.

“We have submitted our request in writing to open a formal investigation to determine the cause of these unacceptable incidents.”

French police tweeted 20 minutes before the kick-off whistle, urging fans not to try to get inside.

Stadium delayed signaling

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Fans who arrived late to the match were shown as the reason for the delay on the screen inside the stadium.


Footage in the stadium showed there were plenty of vacancies shortly before the game.

On giant screens inside the stadium, the late arrival of fans was shown as the reason for the delay.

Police, who came from Liverpool for the game, argued that the behavior of the fans showed exemplary behavior in the current conditions and that “they never arrived late at the stadium”.

A Liverpool fan, who paid £1,000 for his ticket, told BBC Radio 5: “We were told 45 minutes before the game that our seating area was full.”

Parisian police announced that people who tried to enter the stadium with fake tickets were blocked.


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