Chaos erupts in Japan as Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer

Chaos erupts in Japan as Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer



Japan still many people in the world technology centers Although he is seen as a person, things in the country aren’t as good as they used to be. Japanese government agencies and commercial organizations, Microsoft Internet Explorer due to end of browser support with a great crisis face to face.

According to information received, the Tokyo-based software company Computer Engineering and Consulting (CEC)Since April, many ask for help cannot fulfill orders. clients mainly between ministries, financial institutions and always for Internet Explorer optimized There are manufacturing companies with websites. According to the CEC, support will end has been known for a long time, but many companies and government agencies take the necessary measures delayed and the resulting chaos a few more months should last.

49% market share in Japan

Microsoft, 27 years after browser June 15Official support for Internet Explorer in . Many users have long since turned to alternatives, but many organizations continue for old browser adheres to the solutions created. On the other hand in Japan In March of respondents %49you are internet explorer for work that they use they had declared.

of the browser not only as a means of viewing sites, but also for employees follow your participation and work with other internal company tools an auxiliary tool It should be noted that it is used as a local pension funds Some government portals including source even in newer browsers your online forms It must be completed in Internet Explorer mode and some resources officially the old Microsoft solution main browsers as suggested.

It was once the market leader

1995Launched in , the browser was once intended for industry. world standard became and netscapereplaced the market in 2009. 65% of was forming. However 2000s market share started to decline late in the day and according to StatCounter currently Less than 1%.

Internet ExplorerOne of the reasons for the closure is related to web technologies. to international standards not compliant. According to experts, the browser JavaScript and processing other code in alternative programming languages inadequate work introduced, which allows it to be used with interactive sites. blocked. The decline of Internet Explorer is currently affecting the global market. 65% share overbearing Google ChromeIt coincided with the rise of .

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