Digital Gold or Bitcoin?

Dijital altın mı yoksa Bitcoin mi?


After what happened to investor Luna, it was seen how risky anyone who invests in unlimited coins is.

According to news from Barış Erkaya from Dünya;

The hawkish attitude of the Fed, the rise in inflation around the world and the rumors of a global recession. The weather is foggy enough to make investment decisions. Bitcoin and with it cryptocurrencies are facing new background fluctuations. On the other hand, with the experience of Luna and UST, crypto investors have serious confusion about who and what projects they can really trust. Volatility is increasing in stock markets and there are changes in risk based financial sectors. Investors, on the other hand, are quite confused. In fact, the most frequently asked question is “gold or dollars”, but we’ve chosen digital gold and Bitcoin for a more drastic comparison.


These two investment instruments in fact cover instruments that are diametrically opposed to each other. One is the digitized version of gold with a purely security purpose. The other is Bitcoin, which is the flagship of an aggressively growing market, putting safety aside. In other words, is this a good time to make aggressive risk-taking investments, or to hold as much cash as possible and wait for other collateral opportunities?


To start with cryptocurrencies, we have seen with the example of Luna in recent weeks how risky this market can be and that huge projects that seem democratic are actually run by a personal dictatorship in the background. It is now a chilling reality that what happened to Luna investors can happen to anyone who invests in Unlimited Coins. Therefore, for the high earning potential, the cryptocurrency market now demands to take much more risk than a few months ago. Is this a risk that can be taken in the current context? Experts say why not, with a part of the portfolio that can’t be taken seriously, like 5% or 10%. Because it is said that the expectations built up in cryptocurrencies can bring a serious rally first in Bitcoin and then in altcoins.

Now let’s come to the defensive part of the same portfolio. According to experts, the risks of inflation and recession could bring gold to the brink of sharp increases in the coming days. It is believed that most of this could be that some of the speculative money that moved away from the gold market and turned into cryptocurrency, could turn back into gold again.


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