Engin Fırat: My priority is to form a national team

Engin Fırat: My priority is to form a national team


Coach Engin Fırat has made statements on the transfer. The experienced technical man, who is mentioned by many clubs, said: “Actually my manager made it clear. My priority is to lead a national team. The issues with FIFA in Kenya only seem to be resolved. ‘after August, otherwise I would like to continue because there is a very good team there. In this process, we had meetings with national teams and club teams. I am grateful to all the teams who have helped me. have deemed it worthy of the task, but I am looking for a team that I will be successful and happy with, just as they are looking for a coaching profile that suits them and come across many names. We also met with representatives of a Chinese team There have been meetings with two teams from Turkey, one of which has even been featured in the media. We will also meet a team from Saudi Arabia this week. This meeting was scheduled face to face, but again , I think There were restrictions regarding Covid, so there will be an online meeting. So there is no clearer decision,” he said.


Speaking about whether he will continue his career in Turkey, Fırat said: “Tomorrow is not certain in football, and I cannot say that it will not happen. However, the highest probability which seems to be for now is a national team or a club team from abroad. After all, I represent Turkey abroad. Let there be a Turkish teacher teaching,” he said.


Engin Fırat also spoke about the differences between the national team and the management of a club: “There is no football branch manager and transfer period in national teams. It is short and clear. You cannot be transferred to positions that are lacking in terms of sport.” You have to develop the players you have or find tactical solutions. That is to say coaching skills in national teams. More in the foreground. The pressure is all over the world. It doesn’t concern me at all, it’s part of my job. Look, I’m a coach who has played official matches with many top countries, from world champion to European champion.” I’m a teacher who stood against Russia, who carries a football team without conceding a goal. What does the pressure do for me? How many Turkish teachers have been able to play the games I have played in history? Of course, there are many who can watch it on TV. Therefore, I have great respect for Şenol Güneş, Fatih Terim and Mustafa Denizli.” .

“I hope I will not be alone abroad this year”

Engin Fırat also expressed his view on the ease of working abroad and said:

“Of course not. Compared to the world average, the working environment in Turkey is very good. The facilities and stadiums are world class. Let me put it this way, just like Turkish teachers are against foreign teachers working in Turkey, the same It’s true in other countries. They shouldn’t come and take my job away either.” There are also national lobbies. The French and the Belgians dominate in Africa, the Croats and the Serbs are in Russia and China. That’s why I say in some interviews that I open the door to Turkish teachers. In fact, the door is the door. media these days it is said that many Turkish teachers are going to work abroad this summer. So there are offers. I hope I won’t be alone abroad this year.


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