Halkbank has opened the credit valve, it’s time to start a business! 12 month deferred loan, 60 month maturity up to 750,000 TL!

Halkbank kredi vanasını açtı, iş kurmanın tam sırası! 12 ay ertelemeli, 60 ay vadeli 750.000 TL'ye kadar kredi verecek!


With its new announcement, Halkbank has opened the taps for those who want to take out loans. The Bank establishes protocols with technology development zones to support technology and increase R&D spending. As a result, it opened its 12-month deferred loan program to the public. ,

Halkbank will provide a 12 month grace period loan with a 60 month maturity!

In order to support technological and R&D studies, Halkbank has launched the Halkbank Technopolis Support Package for entrepreneurial companies operating in technoparks. The said support program is granted to entrepreneurs who operate in technoparks or technoparks, do not have a job and want to start their own business.

Under Halkbank’s support program, entrepreneurs are offered loans of up to 750,000 lira. Entrepreneurs will be able to use this support to cover their expenses such as R&D expenses, purchases of goods, services or equipment, staff salary payments and rent payments. For loans up to 750,000 lira, there is a minimum grace period option of 12 months, as well as a maturity option of 60 months.

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Halkbank’s official announcement includes the following statements:

”With the Halkbank Teknokent Support Package, entrepreneurial businesses operating in Technopolis/Technoparks; strengthens its technological investments and takes our country’s technology into the future. It has the opportunity to expand its business with benefits such as loan support for up to 60 months, Paraf business credit card, friendly account and letter of guarantee. ”

It will be given to customers who want to start their own business

With this loan package, Halkbank will also allow its customers to use benefits such as Paraf commercial credit card, commercial overdraft account and letter of guarantee under certain conditions.

In addition, entrepreneurs who will benefit from the package will not be charged for 1 year for EFT and money transfer transactions and commercial credit cards to be made via the Internet or a mobile branch, and for 6 months for the use points of sale.

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In this context, the Bank also offers its customers privileges such as “Technokent Rental Support”, “Halkbank Teknokent Support Package”, “Free Counseling Support”, “Free Education Support” and “Banking Transaction Exemption”.

According to the bank’s latest announcement, entrepreneurs who want to start their own technology business will be offered a loan of up to TL 750,000 with a grace period of 12 months and a tenor of 60 months.


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