Is the dollar coming back in the 12 TL adventure? Selcuk Geçer’s ‘It’s going to explode in your hand’ warning will crush dollar dealers

Dolar 12 TL serüvenine mi dönüyor? Selçuk Geçer'in 'Elinizde patlayacak' uyarısı dolarcıları darmadağın edecek


Market analyst Selçuk Geçer announced his predictions for the dollar in his recently released Youtube video. Selçuk Geçer warned against intervention for the dollar, which is approaching the level of 17 liras. Referring to the Super Bill, Geçer explained how the dollar will be affected by the decision to be made. Here is Geçer’s remarkable dollar commentary.

Market analyst Selçuk Geçer, who caught the attention of many users with his high exchange rate forecasts, said that “they will explode big” for those who expect the dollar to fall to the level of 12 lire. Assessing the government’s economic policies and events in the markets, Geçer gave the signal that the market could intervene at any time.



“Black Friday is coming to Turkey. Inflation will reach 80%. 3 digits will start to form. The dollar will continue to rise with firm steps. Also, 50 base 50 interest rate hikes will start coming If the The interest rates of the European Fed If they respect their decision, we will witness a stabilization of the parity Otherwise, if Europe still remains insensitive, the balances between the dollar and the euro will change. The euro is falling below the dollar. The gap between Ver and Ver is closed. This does not mean that the TL will appreciate. On the contrary, the TL continues to depreciate against the dollar. euro and dollar.


“The dollar will be at 18 today or tomorrow. But when you see that, don’t call it the peak. There is a huge difference between 18 lira on December 20 and 18 lira today. 18 lira today equals 1 dollar on December 20, because the data was not so corrupt. They messed it up even more. 18 is no longer a terrible target. Those who say it will be 12 lira again will be making a big mistake If they make an inflation protected product, then the exchange rate will come back, it will go down from 16 lira to 14. After staying at that level for a while, you will go back to the level of 18, because a product protected against inflation means double the current budget deficit.


“Let the interest of 100,000 lira come out at 75,000 lira tomorrow, I will invest my money running. The currency will fall. Let it fall. Let it fall in the short term. Let everyone change their currency. The They can’t do it together I hope not Those who say the Super Bills will be like hedged currencies There won’t be anything left for us Today 16 It’s 17 tomorrow it’s ok there. Can you put 10% on 16.30 right now? A change of 10% will give you a lump sum of 18 lira. There is no turning back on that. Döner goes back. The economy n is not managed with monetary policies Price instability is officially exploded The dollar will continue They have upset the system.


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