It’s all about ‘avatar’ now!

It's all about 'avatar' now!


Summary of the week in which we discussed metaverse, blockchain and NFT-oriented innovations and developments in the world of technology, “NFT, Metaverse and Other Things” We are with you. This is Haberturk Necdet CaliskanHighlights of the week in the other universe prepared by .


National digital transformation technology company Cerebrum Tech introduced the Cereverse ecosystem, which aims to support areas such as economy, health, education and entertainment with production in the digital world. Tokens and NFTs, which are units of digital assets, will be used for all transactions in the Cereverse ecosystem which leverages blockchain, web 3.0, NFT and metaverse technologies. These assets will provide users with digital ownership, collectability, value transfer, accessibility and interoperability.

Cereverse users will be able to temporarily or permanently own a variety of digital assets such as avatars, items and supplies, tickets, collectibles, and keys. The purchase and sale transactions of these assets will be done with the NFT marketplace application.

3D digital smart city

According to the information given during the meeting, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which is a decentralized autonomous organization, will be responsible for managing the Cereverse ecosystem. With the production areas of CereCity, which has been developed as a 3D digital smart city, activities such as manufacturing, retail, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and mining will be carried out in accordance United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

CereCity, which includes business areas such as an education institute, science laboratory, shopping mall, art gallery, cinema and sports complex, also aims to slow down the consumption of resources in the world. physical.

“Our physical and digital presence will become more integrated”

Speaking at the Cereverse ecosystem introductory meeting, Cerebrum Tech Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr. R. Erdem Erkul said, “Our world has finite resources that are dwindling faster than ever with humanity’s current carbon footprint. Cereverse also aims to establish a positive and lasting connection between technology and the environment using emerging concepts such as blockchain, web 3.0, metaverse, NFT and DAO.

Stating that with Web 3.0, personalized products can be produced for everyone, and a new virtual world has begun where every user is also a content producer, Erkul said, “The metaverse, which allows us to experiencing both the real and virtual worlds at the same time will have a revolutionary effect due to the innovations it contains. This way, our physical and digital presence will become more integrated. Agreeing with Gartner’s predictions for the Metaverse, Erkul said that by 2026, 25% of all people are expected to spend at least one hour a day in the Metaverse in certain areas such as work, shopping, education or entertainment/culture.


Chairman of the Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office Ali Taha Koç said that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s racket grip while playing table tennis has been transformed into a Skilled Intellectual Act (NFT). Koç said the following in his social media account:

“Our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s curious racket grip in table tennis turned into a Qualified Intellectual Act and was handed over to them by our Minister of Youth and Sports. Congratulations to Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, Minister of Youth and of Sports, the Minister of Digital Youth who closely follows innovative technologies. Me yes.”


“Direct to Avatar (D2A)” is one of the next generation business models that will be introduced by the Metaverse world. D2A is actually considered the metaverse counterpart of the business model known as “Direct to Customer (D2C)”. Products offered directly to consumers in physical life are offered directly to users’ avatars or digital identities in the virtual world. Therefore, the D2A model has become increasingly important for brands on metaverse platforms.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and consulting services company GOOINN discussed this new business model called D2A. The predictions of the D2A model, which is expected to determine consumer trends with the effect of Web 3.0, are listed as follows:

Gen Z cares

Presenting products with the D2A business model today creates a new market and this market is not only specific to amateur or professional players in the virtual world, but also targets different audiences, including Generation Z.

Gen Z sees their digital avatars as their representatives in the virtual environment, spends more time in virtual worlds, and wants to present themselves more uniquely in those environments. This requires brands to collaborate with platforms across beauty, retail and lifestyle. For this reason, brands should not ignore this generation.

D2A Economy

The new economy that has emerged with the D2A business model is an indication that digital lives will no longer be the same as before. The five main points that are accelerating this next-gen economy are:

– Selling to Avatars: The first direct-to-consumer sales are now made directly to avatars. Here the intermediaries disappear and another era has entered in the form of shopping. In the new evolution, humans are completely ignored and avatars are directly targeted.

– Innovation: Digital product innovation is at the forefront with D2A. Since everything is seen as possible in the digital realm, endless creativity emerges.

– Quick interaction: Brands are already leveraging the D2A model to quickly engage with the metaverse-interested group. It is expected that brands that adopt this model before it reaches mass scale will be seen as cultural leaders.

– Personalization: With the D2A model, brands help their consumers tell their personal stories and express themselves. They focus on offering more in the virtual world than consumers can be comfortable with in their physical identity.

– Addressing everyone: Everyone can join the virtual world and express themselves as they wish without restriction. Consumers can wear the digital clothes they want and interact with inspiring brands. With D2A, brands can reach all consumers participating in the digital world.


Menswear brand Kiğılı introduced wearable NFT pieces offered for sale on global platforms with the Tomorrow collection, which includes eco-friendly and technological products created with the motto “Tomorrow starting today”. The launch featured the NFT Holographic Fashion Show, Kiğılı Vice President Hilal Suerdem, Kiğılı CMO Ilkay Keleş, Digital Content Producer Bedirhan Soral, Oktay Kaynarca, Abdullah Avcı, Bensu Soral, Beyza Arıca, Elif Şahin, Caner Yıldırım, Deniz Baydar, Tugay Mercan, as well as the big names in commerce, art and community life.

The wearable NFT collection, shown at launch with the NFT holographic fashion show and offered for sale on global platforms; consists of a shirt, a tuxedo and a sweatshirt. The NFT collection pieces, designed for Metaverse avatars, went on sale on OpenSea, a global platform, and will soon be available for purchase through Turkey’s GoArt Universe initiative.


The growing prevalence of Web 3.0 around the world has brought new threats. Global threat intelligence agency Cisco Talos, which studies the growing risks in this area, has listed four key tips for keeping users safe on Web 3.0:

Strong Security Applications

The simplest suggestion is usually the best. By choosing strong passwords and using multi-factor authentication, users can do a lot to ensure security. Additionally, by segmenting networks and logging network activity, companies can identify and fix problems before they become serious.

It is also important to examine internet, ENS domain, and crypto wallet addresses for cleverly concealed spelling errors, which are a red flag for fake websites. It is also essential that users do not click on links that are unwittingly sent to them via social media or email.

Always keep the starting phrase

Users should protect their seed phrases (base phrase IDs), which sometimes come in the form of QR codes, and should not share them with anyone. This problem becomes all the more important as crypto wallets are increasingly used to identify and personalize metaverse content. Because losing the seed phrase means the user loses control of their identity and personal digital presence.

hardware wallet

The most powerful security systems use many different layers of security. Using a hardware wallet adds extra protection to cryptocurrency or NFT ownership. Because in this case the user has to plug in a device, enter a PIN and approve or reject transactions containing the wallet address.

Be careful when buying NFT

As the acquisition and use of NFT become more and more popular, users should research the address of the smart contract to see if the source code has been released to ensure the safety of these investments. Unpublished source code is a warning sign. To ensure that the potential investment makes sense, users should research information about the developers of the NFT project.

Anonymous developers can easily sway investors. Make sure the payment is made to the legal project on the correct blockchain so you don’t become one of the victims. If you connect to a cryptocurrency wallet to buy or print NFT, use the newly created wallet address where there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the purchase. This approach ensures that in any unfavorable situation the user does not lose all the contents of the original cryptocurrency wallet.


Entering the Metaverse universe, Pegasus Airlines has opened an area called “PegasusPort” on the Decentraland platform. According to the Pegasus Airlines statement, in the “PegasusPort” area of ​​the Decentraland platform, visitors have the opportunity to win international flight tickets in addition to games.

Güliz Öztürk, CEO of Pegasus Airlines, made a statement on this; “The pandemic period, in addition to increasing the digital experience for customers and employees, has also ushered in a whole new era in terms of digitalization. We have innovated in our country’s aviation industry and taken our place in the metaverse universe. With PegasusPort Decentraland, we will have surprises for our visitors in this new universe.”


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