Korean minivan 1.2 million TL cheaper!

Korean minivan 1.2 million TL cheaper!


There has been a major trend change in the automotive industry in recent years. All brands aim to increase their market share by developing an SUV model in almost every segment. This change of train, which has become apparent above all in the last 10 years, is also reflected in the sales figures.

In the Turkish car market, where sedan models dominated until a few months ago, SUV models are now the new owners of the throne. In fact, 41% of cars sold in the first 4 months of this year are SUVs and 35% are sedans. SUV-like cars also dealt a blow to body types other than sedans.

While hatchbacks, which were once the second most preferred body type on the market, could only take half the market share from SUVs, minivans, which were preferred by large families, especially in the 1990s and early 2000s, and even used as office vehicles, are now on the brink of extinction.

According to data from the Association of Automobile Distributors (ODD), 689 minivans were sold in Turkey between January and April. Considering that 162,398 cars were sold during the same period, it is concluded that the market share of minivans is 0.4%.

As for the reason for this long entry in which we were summarizing market developments, Korean automaker Hyundai has caught the eye by re-entering the minivan segment, which is a dying segment.


Staria, the brand’s minivan model, which has been on sale abroad for a while, is now on sale in Turkey. Staria, which has a 2.2-liter diesel engine under its hood, transfers its 177 horsepower to its wheels with an 8-speed automatic transmission with torque converter. The torque value of this motor is explained as 430 Nm.

The most striking aspect of Staria, which entered Turkey with only one hardware package for now, is its price.

So much so that the vehicle, presented to consumer taste with its 8+1 seating capacity, took its place in dealerships with a list price of 659,000,900 TL.

Well, considering that today the prices of most domestic cars start at almost 600,000 TL, how did Staria imported from Korea start selling at similar prices with domestic models? Let’s see together the answer to this question.


First of all, let us specify that Staria, which is in the automotive category in the legislation, can be used in commercial vehicles with a class B license without the requested SRC certificate. The secret of the price of the vehicle lies in the number of places.

Indeed, Staria, which is part of class M1 with 1+8 seats, comprising motor vehicles for the transport of passengers with a maximum of eight seats other than the driver, can thus maintain the SCT rate at 15%, similar to utility vehicles.

However, if Staria had entered Turkey with a 2+2+3 seating structure as in the top equipment packages sold overseas, the vehicle class would have changed and the SCT rate would have increased to 220%, as for cars. with a similar displacement.

In such a case, the price of Staria would be 1 million 836 thousand 243 TL in the same hardware package. Therefore, it can be said that 1 additional seat in Staria reduced the vehicle price by 1 million 176 thousand 343 TL.


After the detail of the price of the Korean minivan, let’s come to the characteristics of the vehicle and the statements of the general manager of Hyundai Assan, Murat Berkel.

Giving reviews at the launch of Staria in İzmir, Berkel said: “We are saying hello to the MPV segment, which we haven’t been in for a long time, with our second innovation in 2022, the 9-seater Staria. Staria is making a significant difference in Turkey with its spacious interior that matches the Turkish family structure. We aim to sell 500 units initially, we can increase orders depending on demand,” he said.

Noting that the price of the vehicle may change, Berkel said: “We determined the price of Staria a week ago, but the exchange rate has increased in the meantime and that makes it very difficult for us. The same goes for all vehicles. , not just Staria. For example, the vehicle sold for 10,000 euros is 160,000 in the morning. “Although it is TL, its price may increase with the increase in the exchange rate at noon. Therefore, our greatest wish is that the exchange rates remain stable. As the exchange rates increase , updates made in the SCT system lose their effect, so the tax system should be completely changed,” he said.

Speaking about Hyundai’s future goals, Berkel said, “Our market share was at the level of 5% in 2021. Our market share increased to 7.5% in the first four months of this year. Our sales increased by 65% ​​in the first 4 months. “We want to sell 45,000 vehicles by the end of the year. Conditions permitting, we want to increase our sales by 20%, our exports by 3% and our production by 25%,” he said. declared.

Berkel has announced that they will bring the hybrid version of the Korean brand’s Tucson SUV model to Turkey in June and the fully electric Ioniq 5 in September.


According to the statement, the front-wheel drive Staria is produced on the platform which is also used in Hyundai’s passenger models.

Produced with multi-link rear suspension, the car offers 1,303 liters of luggage volume when the rear row seats are moved forward.

Inside the vehicle, traces of Tucson can be seen, while details such as a 4.2-inch color digital screen and an 8-inch touchscreen multimedia display draw attention in the cabin.

The vehicle has features such as keyless entry and start, electronic parking brake, front and rear automatic climate control, and a rear view camera.


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