Last minute! Description of Konyaspor’s Abdülkerim Bardakçı

Last minute!  Description of Konyaspor's Abdülkerim Bardakçı


Responding to questions from TRT Spor, İttifak Holding Konyaspor Chairman Fatih Özgökçen announced that there are offers from France as well as top Turkish clubs for Abdülkerim Bardakçı, one of the preferred transfer names.

The titles of President Özgökçen’s statements are as follows:

“We will complete the transfer with 4-5 players”

“We can say that the 2021-22 season has been very eventful for us, with its bitterness and its sweetness. It is a season that we started well. Later, the death of our brother Ahmet Çalık made us extremely sad. It was also a bit difficult to recover from this psychological tram. We finished third. What we will do in the new season is what matters. We started with the transfer of Bruno Paz. And we have to finalize the transfer quickly. We have our first match in the European Cup on July 21. The team meets on June 18. Our first objective is before June 18. To be able to complete the transfer… The process and the work continues. A few of our domestic transfers are about to be completed. Next, we will complete our overseas transfers. We plan to approach the season in the best way, taking into account the report of our coach and our scout team. Skubic is gone. We want to fill his empty in the first place. 4 or 5 We complete the transfer with the player.”

“We have expectations for Bruno Paz”

“Our scout team has been working abroad for two months. We also have future expectations for Bruno Paz. His compatibility with the team is very important. We expect him to progress.”

“Abdülkerim has suitors”

“Abdülkerim made a very remarkable performance, especially this year. We are proud of him. Besides Galatasaray, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe, there are also offers from abroad. He has a suitor from France.”

“We want to continue with İlhan Palut for many years”

“We presented our contract to our teacher. If an offer comes, it’s something he can consider…I believe he will continue with us. We have a good relationship with our teacher İlhan. We want to continue with him for many years.”

“Financial and administrative issues are important”

“After taking office, we saw that financial and administrative issues are more important than sporting success. When looking at Konyaspor specifically, the lack of increased broadcast revenue and foreign currency issues affect us. Our team progresses smoothly to the economic point.There is no problem.

What will the combined prices be?

“We don’t plan to change the combined awards. Our fans are an awesome force. We’ve won many games like this. Hopefully we’ll see that this year as well.”

“Let’s celebrate our 100 years together…”

“The number of clubs over 100 in our country is not very high. We will hold a big festival in Konya from June 11 to 19. Important artists from our country will come here. We plan to host about 2 to 3 million people.. At this point, we plan to welcome all of Konya, even Konya. We invite all our citizens living abroad to celebrate our 100th anniversary.



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