Last minute: Jorge Jesus is in Istanbul today for Fenerbahçe! They shared the details of the contract… The works start very early

Last minute: Jorge Jesus is in Istanbul today for Fenerbahçe!  They shared the details of the contract... The works start very early


The enigma of the coach at Fenerbahçe has come to an end… The yellow-dark blue team, which parted ways with Vitor Pereira last season, tried to bring this name to Istanbul by establishing contacts with the German coach Joachim Löw since halftime. time. Ali Koç had many meetings with the famous technical man, but Löw did not use his choice in this direction.

Even though the dark yellow-blue team continued on the road with İsmail Kartal in the second part of the season, they continued their search for a coach. President Ali Koç personally visited Portugal and met with Jorge Jesus and his team. The coach’s meeting with Jesus in Lisbon caused a sensation among the community and the fans.


At the meeting attended by Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa as well as former F. Garden manager Emre Can living in Portugal, the parties shook hands in principle.

In fact, the negotiations accelerated in the following period and Jorge Jesus was convinced of Fenerbahçe’s offer.


The Portuguese press announced that Jorge Jesus will come to Istanbul today.

It has been reported that the 67-year-old coach will travel to Turkey with his two assistants, João de Deus and Márcio Sampaio and lawyer Luís Miguel Henrique, to sign the one-year contract. In the news, it was clarified that Fenerbahçe will start the Champions League from the second qualifying classification, and preparations will be made in this direction.

On the other hand, other assistants of Jorge Jesus will come to Istanbul with the preparations for the new season at Fenerbahçe.


The World Cup in Qatar will take place in November and December, not in summer, due to the high temperature. The start date for the 2022/23 season in Europe’s 5 major leagues has been announced. The start of the Super League was set for August 5. Again, the Premier League, Bundesliga and French Ligue 1 will kick off in the first week of August.


Moreover, the Champions League group matches, which start every year in mid-September, will open on September 6 of the 2022/23 season. With Fenerbahçe completing the 2021/22 Super League season in second place, it was guaranteed to start the season 5-6 weeks ahead of the European schedule.

It is expected that the yellow-dark blue team, which will meet under the leadership of Jorge Jesus, will start preparations within 10-15 days.


Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç answered the other day when asked about the new coach: “Let’s talk about İsmail Kartal first… İsmail Hoca didn’t talk about money when he took office, he came unconditionally. He knew we were looking for a world-class coach for next season. İsmail Hoca did not fail for a second, he did not get demotivated. He lifted the team. İsmail Kartal has is doing an outstanding job. I thank him personally. I want to thank him and his team for his 17-18 week performance. At this point we have to evaluate everything up and down. The pressure is low. “He are two names we can work with right now. One is İsmail Kartal and the other is Jorge Jesus. No. No matter who we choose, our supporters will always be unhappy.”


The wonderful period of Jorge Jesus in Flamengo

When Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus left his country and Europe and signed with Flamengo, one of the well-established teams in Brazil, many football spectators were amazed. However, the experienced coach didn’t lift the trophy with the Brazilian team. With a 24 match unbeaten streak in his first season with the team, Jesus dominated every tournament he could win including Brazilian Serie A, Copa Libertadores, Brazilian Super Cup, Taça Guanabara and the South American Super Cup.


Noting that the Portuguese coach has been looking at the squad for 2.5 months in a recent statement, Koç said: “We didn’t just have dinner with Jorge Jesus. There is serious planning. agreement with Jorge Jesus. We also went to Joachim Löw and talked to him. He couldn’t decide, he didn’t decide to go back to training. We can do 4-5 transfers. İsmail Hodja already knows the squad by heart. Jorge Jesus has been looking at the squad for 2.5 months.” He had given the signal that they could make 4-5 transfers with his words.



Jorge Fernando Pinheiro Jesus was born on July 24, 1954 in Portugal. Jesus started his professional football career in 1973; He played for teams such as Sporting CP, Belenenses, Farense, Benfica Castelo Branco.

Jesus started his managerial career in 1989 with the Amora team. Jergus in his managerial career; He coached Vitória Guimarães, Braga, Benfica, Sporting CP, Flamengo. Jorge Jesus left Benfica on December 28, 2021Ç

Jorge Jesus has 3 Portuguese championships, 6 Portuguese league cups, a Brazilian championship and success in the Brazilian Super Cup.

Having won titles at Benfica in Portugal and Flamengo in Brazil, Jesus is a very experienced name in league titles.



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