Last minute: Julia Vigas, wife of Thiago Alcantara, told the “nightmare”! Threats, injuries, pepper spray… A bunch of thugs…

Last minute: Julia Vigas, wife of Thiago Alcantara, told the "nightmare"!  Threats, injuries, pepper spray... A bunch of thugs...



Echoes of the outbursts before and after the UEFA Champions League final, in which Real Madrid won the cup by beating Liverpool 1-0, continue. The series of scandals, especially before the start of the match, led to the postponement of the match by 36 minutes.

The giant match, which was due to start at 10:00 p.m. CEST in Paris, the capital of France, has been postponed for 15 minutes so that spectators with an away ticket can complete their entry. Despite the first delay, tension outside the stadium increased as ticketed spectators could not be admitted at the required speed.

Last minute: Thiago Alcantara's wife, Julia Vigas, tells her nightmare Threats, injuries, pepper spray... A handful of thugs...



With the rising tensions caused by the lack of organization, a brawl breaks out between the security forces and the supporters around the stadium. Dozens of people who wanted to turn chaos into opportunity tried to illegally enter the stadium. Meanwhile, some fans were injured as the fight escalated.

After police intervened with tear gas against fans who tried to illegally enter the stadium, the second postponement decision came as the crisis deepened. The final battle, which was postponed to 10:30 p.m. this time, was moved to 10:36 p.m. for the final time due to events not being able to be canceled and many fans with tickets not being able to reach the stands.

Despite all the delays to the match, during which many fans with tickets were unable to enter the stadium and some people snuck into the stands without tickets, the pre-match concert was not canceled respecting the program and the kick-off could take place at 22.36.


Editor’s commentator Fatih Terim spoke about UEFA postponing the final fight for 36 minutes due to what happened. Regarding the disruption experienced in the organisation, the 68-year-old coach said: “Our country is very, very advanced as an organisation. I have never encountered such a thing in my life. We will do this very well. organization. If they don’t give up at the last moment anymore. We did it much better before. He said.


The veteran manager also spoke of a moment he had in the Stade de France opener, saying: “I watched the opening game of this stadium in the stands. They said : ‘Don’t drive there.’ Today my wife Fulya is with me. We always go to the final together.” used the words.

Last minute: Thiago Alcantara's wife, Julia Vigas, tells her nightmare Threats, injuries, pepper spray... A handful of thugs...


The Merseyside representative said in a statement after the events: “We are very disappointed at the problems experienced by Liverpool supporters this evening at the Stade de France with the entrance to the stadium and the deterioration of the security circle”.

The statement also added: “This is the biggest game in European football and fans should not experience the scenes we witnessed tonight. We have called for an official investigation into the causes of these unacceptable issues.” statements were made.



UEFA, European football’s governing body, said in its official article on the subject: “We regret those affected by these events and will urgently look into these matters with the French police and authorities and the French Football Federation. soccer”. it has been said.

“At the start of the game, thousands of fans who had bought fake tickets tried to enter the stadium. This created a crowd trying to get in. As a result, kick-off was delayed by 36 minutes for allow as many fans as possible with real tickets to access the match,” UEFA said in a statement. As the number of people outside the stadium continued to increase after kick-off, the police dispersed them with tear gas and forced them out of the stadium.” expressions were used.


Last minute: Thiago Alcantara's wife, Julia Vigas, tells her nightmare Threats, injuries, pepper spray... A handful of thugs...


Julia Vigas, wife of Thiago Alcantara, who plays for Liverpool, spoke about the scary moments she experienced before and after the last game between Real Madrid and Liverpool at the Stade de France, in which the Spanish giants took the victory, on his personal social media account.

The final fight, which was scheduled to start at 10:00 p.m., was postponed 3 times due to events outside the stadium and fans entering the stadium without tickets. As the investigation into the match, which began 36 minutes late, continues, Julia Vigas has reported on the events which she called “nightmares”.


I don’t like to comment on such events, but this time I think I should explain myself. The last game was a nightmare. The reason I say this is not about football. What happened is beyond the result of the match. Many times we had moments of fear because of the organization and the lack of security. We were threatened by a handful of thugs who tried to attack us and enter the game without tickets. Many fans were unable to enter the game due to the crowd of people in the fight. Families and fans were pepper sprayed by police. Some were even beaten. The people exposed to it were all innocent. Due to this chaos, we had to leave the stadium accompanied by the security forces in order to ensure our own safety. Something has to be done about this. Such explosions should not occur in such events that require a sense of responsibility. Worse things could have happened.

Julia Vigas – wife of Thiago Alcantara

Last minute: Thiago Alcantara's wife, Julia Vigas, tells her nightmare Threats, injuries, pepper spray... A handful of thugs...


Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan said in a statement on the club’s official website after the eventful final that they would follow the process and demand an independent and transparent investigation by the relevant authorities.

The entrance to the stadium, the lack of security in the section reserved for us and the way they treated our supporters was absolutely unacceptable. We demand a detailed and transparent investigation. An independent investigative process will ensure that the facts are revealed in the most accurate way. It has become imperative to explain to us what happened last night and how people’s safety was endangered. It is also extremely important that we ensure that the necessary lessons are learned so that such incidents do not happen again. This process has become essential in order to confirm what our fans have told us and what we have heard about what happened. We would like the facts of this case to be confirmed by an independent investigation by the competent authorities.

Billy Hogan – CEO of Liverpool


Liverpool defender Andy Robertson described the organization of the game as “a mess”.


One of the Merseyside Police officers said: ‘Worst European game I have ever worked or lived in. wrote.



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