Last minute: surprise of Oğuzhan Özyakup during the transfer of Galatasaray! Post election…

Last minute: surprise of Oğuzhan Özyakup during the transfer of Galatasaray!  Post election...


Despite the uncertainty over the identity of the new president and coach, transfer contacts are continuing at Galatasaray.

A surprise name has come to the agenda of the Yellow-Red team, which should bring important reinforcements in the midfield. Oğuzhan Özyakup, who has been playing for Beşiktaş for many years, was recommended to Galatasaray by the managers.


According to Fanatik News; The final decision regarding the 29-year-old footballer, who has broken down but still has his testimony, will be taken after the Yellow-Red Club congress which will take place on June 11.

Oğuzhan, who struggled to find a chance to play especially in the season we left behind, could only find a chance for 819 minutes in 17 games and made a total of 1 assist. Meanwhile, it is among the news that Oğuzhan, who was recommended to Galatasaray, also held transfer talks with Başakşehir, Karagümrük and Hatay.




Cenk Ergün, who served as administrative director at Galatasaray on several occasions and eventually created the championship team under the chairmanship of Dursun Özbek, was the name the presidential candidates could not share during this period. It is a subject of great curiosity who will be elected president during the congress which will take place on June 11th. However, whoever the chairman is, it’s already clear who will lead the transfer business. We remember that Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, one of the presidential candidates, had announced that he would entrust the football branch to Cenk Ergün. Dursun Özbek, who was not a candidate for the canceled congress but announced his candidacy before the new election, sent a message to Ergün, who has long been in transfer negotiations on behalf of Hamamcıoğlu.

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It turned out that Dursun Özbek, who expressed his discomfort with Ergün’s closeness to Hamamcıoğlu by saying “You act too sideways”, also wants to work with his former companion again. Cenk Ergün also released a written statement after this message from Özbek, saying “I am a professional equidistant from both islands”, creating surprise on Eşref Hamamcıoğlu’s forehead and joy on Dursun Özbek’s forehead.


Will continue with the same task

It is said that Ergün is currently trying to complete the transfer lists of the two candidates and is sitting at the table with the players and the teacher candidates. It has been learned that regardless of who is elected president after the elections, Cenk Ergün will be brought to a professional position within the club as an administrative officer. Cenk Ergün is already trying to complete his transfer work so that reinforcements and the season-opening program are not further delayed.

Terim cut his ticket

While working with Özbek, Cenk Ergün was also appeased from his duties at Florya, as he parted ways with Igor Tudor and Fatih Terim became the team’s leader. Mustafa Cengiz’s victory in the snap elections held at that time brought Ergün to the end of the road in no time. In that case, it’s curious what will happen to Cenk Ergün if Özbek works with Fatih Terim again.



Ryan Babel, whose contract with Galatasaray has expired, wants to stay at Galatasaray no matter what. The 35-year-old footballer sent a message to the Yellow-Red authorities, saying he wanted to sign a contract before the election. However, it is stated that the current administration will not take any action in this regard. Babel also informed the club that he was prepared to forfeit his winnings if necessary. It has been learned that the Dutch footballer, who plays for 2.5 million euros a year, will say ‘yes’ to 1 million euros this time. On the other hand, it is among the news that Babel is in contact with other Istanbul clubs.


On the Galatasaray transfer schedule, the winds of Seri and Onyekuru are blowing again. Both players want to return to Club Jaune-Rouge, where they previously played on loan. Jean Michael Seri, whose contract at Fulham ended and his contract at Fulham, who were champions of the Championship and moved up to the Premier League, did not give anything, and Henry Onyekuru, who did not find what he was looking at Olympiakos, struggled. even taking time and decided to leave, sent news to Galatasaray. Although no concrete action could be taken due to the selection process, the players received the message “Wait to hear from us”. It is reported that meetings have been held with both players on behalf of Galatasaray and an agreement in principle has been reached at extremely affordable costs.



The Spanish coach, who believes Pena should be re-hired from Barcelona, ​​says this region will be in good hands with Muslera. However, the young Spanish goalkeeper is expected to be Ter Stegen’s replacement at Barcelona. If Pena isn’t sent to the B team, it is said that it will be very difficult for Galatasaray to get the young keeper back.


As the countdown continues for the presidential election in Galatasaray, transfer allegations regarding Club Jaune-Rouge continue in the European press. Finally, the Romanian media claimed that Galatasaray intervened for the testimony of Ianis Hagi, who plays for Glasgow Rangers, and offered 7 million euros to the Scottish club. The 23-year-old Romanian player, who has a contract with his club until 2024, also wanted to go to Galatasaray, who he has been a fan of since childhood, was among the details in the news. Son of Galatasaray legend Gheorghe Hagi, Ianis Hagi was born in Istanbul and is also a Turkish citizen.



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