Last minute: the surprise transfer of Emre Mor to Fenerbahçe! Detail of Ozan Tufan…

Last minute: the surprise transfer of Emre Mor to Fenerbahçe!  Detail of Ozan Tufan...


There are flash developments at Fenerbahçe, who are continuing their transfer efforts to Super League Spor Toto next season. It’s only a matter of time before experienced coach Jorge Jesus comes to Istanbul and signs a contract with Fenerbahçe.

In Sabah news, it was noted that the official statement of the Portuguese teacher, with which President Ali Koç agreed on every issue, will be made today-tomorrow. The 67-year-old, who is expected to be in Istanbul this week and will sign a 1+1 year contract, will earn 7 million euros per year with his team.


It turned out that Jesus, who has worked with the team for a long time, asked one of his collaborators, Marcio Sampaio, to follow the matches of the yellow-dark blue team for two months. Having spotted the shortcomings, Jesus plans to take a first step on the libero front first.


The next move for the experienced coach, who has prepared a large portfolio for this, will be a finishing striker. The experienced technical man, who planned Serdar Dursun as a second striker, delivered the list of players he wanted to the management.


Fenerbahçe will put a lot of effort into both selling and sending well-paid players to create a budget during the transfer season. At this point, the biggest assistant of the yellow-dark blue players will be Iranian player Allahyar Sayyadmanesh.

The 21-year-old striker, on loan to Hull City for half-time last season, will soon sign a permanent contract with the English club. Fenerbahçe will receive 4 million euros from Allahyar’s transfer. In addition, a 50% share will be taken from the next sale.

If a club is found for Luiz Gustavo, Mbwana Samatta and Marcel Tisserand, who are planned to be sent away from the young footballer, a hole of around 10 million euros will be opened in the wage budget. This way, the transfers that Jesus wants can be made easily.


Fenerbahçe made a surprise move and yearned for Emre Mor, who shone with Karagümrük in the second half of the season. President Ali Koç, who watched the match where Karagümrük beat Fenerbahçe 1-0 at home in the Women’s Football Super League semi-final the day before at Vefa Stadium, met with Karagümrük President Süleyman Hurma.


The duo’s agenda, which chatted for about 70 minutes, was Emre Mor. We learned that President Koç, who had said he wanted the young player, was considering completing this transfer with a swap plus money formula.


It has been claimed that President Hurma, who is expecting a 5-6m testimonial for the young footballer, left the door open at the meeting. Ozan Tufan, who was left out of the squad, is the player that the dark yellow-blue people released for this transfer.

Apart from the 27-year-old footballer, the management of Fenerbahçe, which aims to tie Emre to its colors in exchange for some money, plans to take official steps to complete the job in the coming days.



The fate of Mesut Özil, who is left out of the Fenerbahçe squad, will become clear after the announcement of Jorge Jesus. In the yellow-dark blue squad, president Ali Koç refrained from expressing his opinion on the player’s return, saying: “What is best for Fenerbahçe will be.”

It’s been learned that Koç will meet the star player and his representative next week. If Jesus doesn’t want to be on the team, he and Mesut should go their separate ways. We know that the 33-year-old wants to continue at Fenerbahçe.


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