Last minute: the tension is rising! Max Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen, criticizes Red Bull… Disappointment

Last minute: the tension is rising!  Max Verstappen's father, Jos Verstappen, criticizes Red Bull... Disappointment



Jos Verstappen, father of the last Red Bull Formula 1 team champion epaulettes driver, Max Verstappen, has claimed his son was treated unfairly by his own team at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen finished third in the race, in which his teammate Sergio Perez won, thanks to the critical error from the strategic Ferrari team, and retained his lead in the drivers’ standings.


Charles Leclerc, meanwhile, started the race on pole position due to the mistake he made in his team’s pit strategy, and finished fourth in the race, 9 points behind rival Max Verstappen. , who held the leader’s seat in the drivers’ standings.

However, Max Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen, said despite the 9-point lead, his son was a victim of his own team, just like Charles Leclerc. Jos Verstappen says Red Bull disappointed his son by giving Sergio Perez a privilege in the Monaco race.


Last minute: tension mounts Max Verstappe's father Jos Verstappenden Red Bull criticizes... Disappointment

Red Bull did well in the team standings, but it didn’t take much effort for Max to climb to the top spot. My son finished the race in third place, which was due to Ferrari’s mistake in Charles Leclerc’s second pit stop. The strategy followed by Red Bull in Monaco did not help the championship leader. A strategy was implemented entirely in favor of Perez. It was disappointing for me. I would expect a championship leading driver to be treated differently. Perez actually managed to win the race because he pitted early. The team might say it’s a gamble, but we’ve seen it before with the Gasly case. Medium-tread tires were the best choice. I realize I can’t be completely objective, but I would like the team to have a strategy in favor of Max. In my opinion, 10 points were taken away from Max here. We need every point, especially in a season where we had to forfeit two races. We must not forget that Ferrari has the best car of the moment. They have the best car, especially in qualifying. It was a disappointing weekend for Max.

Jose Verstappen


Sergio Perez has said he wants to meet the team bosses after he wasn’t asked to fight Max Verstappen in the Spanish GP. While the Mexican driver led the race, his teammate Max Verstappen was behind him with an alternative strategy. At that point, he was told that if Verstappen attacked, he wouldn’t force him.

When Max Verstappen was stuck behind George Russell, Sergio Perez had just caught up with the duo on new tires and asked the team to tell Verstappen to let him go. However, Red Bull didn’t and Perez said it wasn’t fair during the race.


It is said that after Sergio Perez’s victory in Monaco, the rivalry between him and his teammate Max Verstappen will move to another point. “Perez was in a great position all weekend. He deserved the win. He’s done a great job so far. The time gap between Perez and Verstappen has gotten even closer this year,” Christian said. Horner. he said.


The Dutch driver, who made statements about it, said that the relationship between them will not deteriorate due to the rise of his teammate. Verstappen said: “Why change? We work very well as a team. We always try to get the best out of the car and to act for the team. When one of us or the other does a good job, we can recognize that. It’s very important because it shows that we respect each other. We respect each other and try to get as many points as possible for the team every weekend.” said.

Last minute: tension mounts Max Verstappe's father Jos Verstappenden Red Bull criticizes... Disappointment




1. Max Verstappen (Netherlands): 125 points

2. Charles Leclerc (Monaco): 116

3. Sergio Perez (Mexico): 110

4. George Russell (Great Britain): 84

5. Carlos Sainz (Spain): 83


1.Red Bull: 235

2.Ferrari: 199

3. Mercedes: 134

4. McLaren: 59

5. Alfa Romeo: 41



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