Masouras instead of Nwakaeme in Trabzonspor!

Masouras instead of Nwakaeme in Trabzonspor!


Unable to agree with Anthony Nwakaeme on a new contract, Trabzonspor Management repeated their offer, which amounted to 2.5 million euros, including bonus and signing, and put it on hold. If there is no appeal from the player, the Bordeaux-Blues will close the deal. While the Nigerian star is asking for a 3-year contract at 3 million euros, the figure increases with the manager’s commission. Storm, meanwhile, are offering an optional 2-year deal with a €1.5m guarantee.

They opened the door from 8

As the likelihood of the 33-year-old staying on decreases day by day, Trabzonspor have pressed the wing transfer button. The Black Sea team set as a priority target Georgios Masouras, whom they wanted very much. Olympiakos opens the door to the 28-year-old star at 8 million euros. The Bordeaux-Blues, meanwhile, offered 5 million euros to be paid in installments. Negotiations are continuing between the parties.

Siopis and Baka factor

While Greek media have written that Trabzonspor are Masouras’ most serious suitor at this stage, it has been pointed out that his national team friends Siopis and Bakasetas have also made positive references to Masouras both on City and on the club. According to the news at the neighbor; Olympiakos officials do not look at the sales of the star name, which fell in the second half of the season, but it does not seem easy to them to drop to the level of 5 million euros in the short term.

Tello Square

One of the names on Trabzonspor’s agenda is Cristian Tello, who is doing his job on a wide wing transfer list. The 31-year-old’s contract with Real Betis has come to an end, but it didn’t go through. Playing 35 official games for the La Liga side in the last season, Tello scored 5 goals and made 3 assists. The name of the star, who grew up in Barcelona’s infrastructure, moved to Betis in 2017 for 4 million euros after playing for Porto and Fiorentina. Trabzonspor’s most important asset is Tello, who can work on both flanks of the attacking line, just like Masouras; Champions League.

The advantage of the Champions League…

Storm, who will compete in Europe’s No.1 organization from the Play-Off Tour, is in an advantageous position in both domestic and overseas transfers due to the Giants League factor. Who hasn’t cut off contact with Tello’s manager

Depending on the developments on Masouras’ front, the Bordeaux-Blues could change the course for the Spanish star.



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