Re-sharing from TOGG’s social media account: we’ve reached one of the milestones

28.05.2022 15:09

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Work on the TOGG domestic automobile, which is produced at Gemlik’s facilities, continues uninterrupted. In the latest video shared on social media, “We have passed one of the key milestones more flawlessly. We have successfully produced the first C-SUV body on our robot lines.” expressions were used.

In the new post from the TOGG account, it was announced that one of the key stages of work at the Gemlik plant, which is approaching trial production, has been completed more perfectly. As a result, it was announced that the first C-SUV body was successfully produced on robot lines after inspections and part checks.


The following statements were included in the post: “We have completed one of the key milestones at our Gemlik plant, where we are approaching trial production step by step. We have successfully produced the first C-SUV body on our robot lines after part inspections and verifications.”

Exciting TOGG Sharing: We Reached One of the Key Milestones


On the other hand, TOGG will be ready for mass production in the last quarter of 2022. After the completion of certification tests, the SUV, the first C-segment vehicle, will be launched at the end of the first quarter of 2023. Then, the C-segment sedan and hatchback models will enter the production line. In the following years, with the addition of the B-SUV and the C-MPV to the family, the product range consisting of 5 models carrying the same DNA will be completed. TOGG plans to produce a total of 1 million vehicles by 2030 with the production of 5 different models from a single platform.

Losing steering control while throwing scissors, the driver's legs were severed. Losing steering control while throwing scissors, the driver’s legs were severed. Fourth accident at the same place in Sinop Fourth accident at the same place in Sinop

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