Retirees Beware! Ziraat Bank will pay 60,000 TL to retirees

Emekliler Dikkat! Ziraat Bankası Emeklilere 60.000 TL Ödeme Yapacak


Retirees Beware! Ziraat Bank will pay 60,000 TL to pensioners… Ziraat Bank continues to delight retirees. Retired citizens will pay up to 60,000 lira without proof of income.

The last minute campaign for retirees came from Ziraat Bank. Retirees who want to use consumer loans prefer Ziraat Bank as their first choice. Ziraat Bank organizes campaigns for retirees and those who will retire. Retirees can get loan approval without the need for an income document, without applying. The only condition is that the pension is collected through the bank. If the pension is received through the bank, a 36 month loan with a low interest rate of 60,000 lira will be available.

Ziraat Bank organizes campaigns for people who collect their pensions through their own banks, enabling them to benefit from up-to-date loan opportunities. Those who wish to use consumer loans will be able to apply using online banking services without going to the bank, if they receive their pensions through the bank.

Those who wish to participate in the consumer loan initiated by Ziraat Bank for retired citizens will be able to defer their first payments for 3 months. If you receive your pension through the bank, you can apply for a loan. You will be able to use the loan without an income certificate for the loan to be used up to 60,000 lira. A certificate of income is required for a loan above 60,000 lire. You can close your credit and credit card debts to other banks. Another issue presented in the campaign is the possibility of delaying the payment of the first installment by 3 months.


How to apply for a Ziraat Bank pension loan?

Ziraat Bank makes it easy for people to apply for a pension loan. The person who wishes to use a loan can go to the nearest bank branch and apply with their identity document. When the application is made through bank branches, the result of the loan can be known in a short time. Approved credit can be used the same day. Another application method is the application method made through the website. You can apply for high cap loans using the bank’s online banking services. For more detailed information on the subject, you can visit the bank’s website. It is possible to learn the details of the whole campaign.

Retired citizens who have cash flow problems and who have a bank account can support themselves by applying for a loan.


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