Scary warning: Staring at your phone for too long can shorten your life!

Scary warning: Staring at your phone for too long can shorten your life!


A new study in the United States has revealed that spending too much time on the phone can harm not only your eyes but also the functioning of the rest of your body, and even shorten your lifespan.


Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, we’re so connected to our phones that it’s defined as “the fear of disconnecting from the communication that people establish through cellphones.”nomophobia) we even had a new phobia.


As smartphones become a natural part of the digital world, the time people spend in front of the screen is increasing day by day.

In addition to communication, transactions such as reading books, newspapers and magazines, following social media, various games and paying bills can be done through smartphones and tablets. As a result, most of today’s technological devices are in our hands.

With the warnings scientists have issued so far, “telephone addiction” He has repeatedly stated that it can cause poor posture, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and even anxiety and depression. But the latest study by American researchers has revealed a much scarier picture.



The circadian rhythm is a biological mechanism that controls the body’s sleep-wake cycle. It determines when and for what purpose hormones will be secreted, when muscles need rest, and the recovery range of the immune system.

A study by the Buck Institute in the United States suggests that too much screen time can harm not only your eyes, but also the functioning of the rest of your body and even shorten your lifespan.

While researching issues related to aging and age-related diseases, the institute found that exposing the eyes to too much light can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, leading to chronic diseases.

Unlike other organs in the body, the eyes are constantly exposed to the outside world, so their immune defenses are more active. Overactive defenses can disrupt internal body processes and ultimately damage other organs.

Scary warning: Staring at your phone for too long can shorten your lifespan


The research team points out that there is a surprising link between eye disorders and general health problems. Professor Doctor Pankaj Kapahi, who conducted the research, issued a statement regarding his studies, “Looking at phone screens for a long time and being exposed to light pollution is very dangerous for the circadian order. It affects the immunity of the eye and harms the rest of the body, even the brain, beyond vision .” said.



Another Buck Institute researcher, Dr. Brian Hodge, states that every cell in the body operates on a circadian clock and points out that disrupting the circadian rhythm will negatively affect body functions:

“Today’s living conditions, stress, people sleeping less, heavy use of devices and especially light cycles disrupt people’s circadian rhythm. When the eyes are exposed to too much light, the “inflammation occurs. And if this inflammation lasts for a long time, it causes chronic diseases.” .”

Scary warning: Staring at your phone for too long can shorten your lifespan

Time spent in mobile apps in Turkey has increased by 40% over the past two years


The research results have raised concerns, especially in a process where people have doubled their screen time amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In an experiment with fruit flies, Dr. Kapahi and Hodge, who participated in the research, observed that flies with less exposure to light from screens lived longer.

The fact that flies kept in the dark live longer reveals how the circadian cycle can affect a living thing’s lifespan.


Smartphones and tablets can upset the balance between the brain and sleep. Even if these technological devices are not connected to the internet, they emit some radioactive waves, which causes a decrease in the hormone melatonin.

It also spreads from phones and tablets. ‘Blue Light’ to the brain “wake up” It delays sleep time in every blue light stimulus the eye and brain perceive.


For this reason, leaving phones and tablets before bed is an important rule for healthy sleep and quality of life.



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