Surprise transfer request for Mesut Özil

Surprise transfer request for Mesut Özil


More than 300,000 people have followed the time since Mesut boarded the plane from London to Istanbul on January 18. The star footballer’s landing at the airport was proof that what happened was not a rumor or a dream.

During the signing ceremony on January 27, Mesut Özil’s words “The dream for Fenerbahçe was a dream for me. It will be a wonderful union for both parties” turned the giant love affair into a formality.

Mesut Özil, who had 8 goals-2 assists in 22 Super League games, was dropped from the squad with a statement issued by the club on March 24, 2022. The 33-year-old, who remained silent after the decision, does not speak much about it, on his social network account on May 31: “I stress it again, I will not finish my career in any other team than Fenerbahçe. My only “Goal is to sweat our shirt naked during the term of my contract. In accordance with the demands of professional life, my management has nothing to say about me. “If he makes a decision, I will only respect this attitude. As I always say, the main thing is Fenerbahçe.”

Like those who wanted Mesut to stay, his eyes were on new coach Jorge Jesus’ decision. However, the Portuguese coach closed the door on the star’s behalf at the signing ceremony on June 3, saying: “I will pursue the decision made about him in the same way. The important thing here is not Jorge Jesus, nor Mesut Ozil, but Fenerbahçe.”

Despite this, the player’s manager announced each time that Mesut would stay until his contract expired. However, as he says in the poem, “Every man kills the one he loves…” Mesut abandoned F. Bahçe on social media with the latest blow. He continues to follow his teammates and the basketball branch.


A surprise transfer request has emerged for Mesut Özil, who is no longer considered possible to return to the Fenerbahçe squad. In the news quoted by the Fanatik newspaper, an allegation came to the fore in the German press.

Those who unfollow Fenerbahçe on their social media accounts It has been claimed that Werder Bremen have taken action for Mesut. It has been claimed that managing director Frak Baumann has started working on Mesut Özil at Werder Bremen, who has been promoted from Bundesliga 2 to the Bundesliga.

It was claimed that Frank Baumann and Mesut Özil knew each other well thanks to Werder Bremen and they met from time to time. The fact that the famous footballer is ending his contract with Fenerbahçe and receiving his testimony gives hope to the German club.

It has been written that Frank Baumann is considering adding Mesut Özil to the squad for free. Werder Bremen, who are waiting for the 34-year-old to leave Fenerbahçe, have yet to make any formal transfer attempts.

Fenerbahce President Ali Koç at the signing ceremony of Mesut Özil, “Bringing here a football player who has left his mark in the last 10 years in world football is not a job that every club can do in today’s conditions. We said ‘a very difficult dream to achieve’ for the transfer of Mesut. We will realize this dream sooner or later. We knew it would come too late. We asked the fans to support us by saying “MesutOl”. campaign for the transfer of Mesut. We changed the name of FenerOL for 4 days. The word Mesut in MesutOL represents the happiness of the fans,” he said.

Mesut Özil’s manager, Erkut Söğüt, previously made a statement to SABAH newspaper on the star footballer’s future: “There has been no development in Mesut’s situation, there has been no meeting. He has a two-year contract with Fenerbahçe. We will do it.” he said.


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