TBB/Çakar: there are new customer entries at KKM

TBB/Çakar: there are new customer entries at KKM


Alpaslan Çakar, Chairman of the Association of Banks of Turkey, made special assessments on the banking sector in the Bloomberg HT program.

Çakar said that there are new customers entering currency-protected deposits and gave information about the Turkish banking sector.

The highlights of Çakar’s speech are as follows:

The Turkish banking sector is one of the most commercial sectors in Turkey. We are a different sector with investments from 22 countries. When you look at the liabilities on bank balance sheets, you can see that our equity structure is strong. There are deposits reaching 6 trillion TL. In particular, there was a significant increase in exchange-protected deposits and the Turkish lira balance in foreign currencies. When we look at the asset side, it has an asset size of 10 trillion TL. When we look at the Turkish banking sector, namely loans, we have loans of TL 5.6 trillion. The sector diversity of loans is very good. The manufacturing sector with 28%, the commerce sector with 16%, the construction sector with 11% and the energy sector with 9%. The rate for non-performing loans is 2.8%, this rate is 2.9% for commercial loans and 2.5% for individual loans.

In the Turkish banking sector, the return on equity ratio is 20.4%. Over the past three years, profitability has been distributed in very small amounts in the form of dividends. The profit made is actually used as equity for the financing of the real sector and the growth of balance sheets. Our profits are good and have increased this year. We see that these returns are due to inflation-indexed paper. In particular, the mechanism induced by the difference in maturity between assets and liabilities significantly reduced the cost of financing. Interest on deposits is at a very reasonable level, and our lending volume has increased. When we look at them, the profit of the banking sector has increased.

“The arrival of new customers at KKM continues”

Çakar also gave information on the loans and said:

Looking at the last 12 months, we see that loan growth in the Turkish banking sector increased by 148%, while individual loans fell by four points and commercial loans increased by four points. We see that the real sector is more financed than individuals. When we look at the content of financing in the real sector, we see that the share of the manufacturing sector in total loans has increased by 2%. This shows that investment in capacity utilization in Turkey is alive. He used the loan for this purpose.

Finally, Çakar said new customers continue to enter currency-protected deposits.


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