The dollar is booming! Hearing Selcuk Geçer’s dollar estimate, he will wake up in the exchange offices…

Dolar büyük patlıyor! Selçuk Geçer'in dolar tahminini duyan döviz bürolarında sabahlayacak...


New predictions came from market expert Selcuk Geçer, who is known for his high predictions in the markets. Making statements on his social media account, Geçer once again made analyzes that would excite everyone. Saying “There is no escape”, Passing spoke of a critical threshold for the dollar. Here are the ratings that are closely related to investors.

As the markets started the new week with a volatile pace, the Dollar was at 19.32 and Gram Gold at 985 TL. While the strong tension on the dollar and gold makes investors nervous, will there be a sharp decline after these rises? The question began to come to mind. Market specialist Selçuk Geçer, for his part, increased the tension by posting an explosion message on his social media account. Here is Geçer’s remarkable dollar statement.



Making assessments after the interest rate decision by the Central Bank of Turkey (CBRT), Geçer said further intervention would not affect the dollar and the link between the dollar and the interest rate was now broken. Stating that the Central Bank would not benefit even if it raised the interest rate by 100 basis points, Geçer drew attention to Super Bills and Inflation Proof Deposits and said: “I hope they don’t. It would be a violation of politics and an economic violation.”



Stating that the decision to raise interest rates by the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) will affect fragile economies the most, Geçer focused on the Turkish economy and drew attention to the 17 TL level for the dollar. Stating that the dollar will start rising in no time, Geçer pointed out that there is no reason for the dollar to rise. Geçer said the euro will also rise more than the dollar, adding that the gap between the euro and the dollar has widened. By the way, “The euro has made a premium against the dollar. This does not mean that the parity will increase it. I am talking about a critical situation. The dollar index has forced the levels of 105. Then it came to the level of 101. This drop is significant,” he said.


Geçer again raised tensions with his new dollar statement on his Twitter account. Tweeting from his personal account, Geçer said: “If the dollar goes up in Turkey while the dollar index goes down in the world… UNDERSTAND IT WILL EXPLODE BIG!!!” commented. Here is Selçuk Geçer’s tweet on the dollar:


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