The “fake” brands that have leveled in imitation

The "fake" brands that have leveled in imitation


In this content, we have compiled the brands that copy “a little” while imitating the big companies. Although we are all familiar with brands such as “Adonis” or “Nixe”, we can say that some of the ones on the list even surprised us.

By other brands, a brand that is successful in its field sample taken we often see it. As examples, we can show the prevalence of the notch on phones or the phasing out of headphone jacks. but work copy the brand In terms of humor, we are faced with paintings.

Especially in our country smartphone and fashion We face brand copycats in the industry. Another ironic aspect of the matter is that in addition to brands that don’t aim to grow too much, there are also various unique (!) brand companies that have reached a certain level in their field and made a name for themselves. copied is seen.

A somewhat crude imitation of Nokia:


SQMY’s memorable Duroshock controller, Sony’s reflection in the parallel universe:


PolyStation, which made very few (!) copies of the original PlayStation 1:


And the Xbox dream box at the time:


Panasonic copy that looks like a drug name:


Maybe an Oreo imitation. Is Oreo as good as Borio?


We wouldn’t have thought that we would see HP serve in different areas of technology in the furniture brand:

Yilmaz office furniture

The origin story of the logo is also quite impressive. In the video below, you can listen to the story in question from KALT.


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