The Ford Fiesta has entered our country with its new look

The Ford Fiesta has entered our country with its new look


The Fiesta, one of the most popular vehicles from Ford, one of the most popular car manufacturers in our country, has entered our country with its renewed appearance. If the design of the vehicle makes you smile, its price makes you cry.

Original USA Ford brand, especially with vehicles produced in our country and part prices. quite popular. Fiesta, perhaps the most popular of the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo models that we often meet on the street, unfortunately, in the near future. will be interrupted.

However, Ford introduced the new “Fiesta” before production put on makeup” model was offered for sale in Europe last year. It seems that this model is finally in our country. started to be sold.

Presentation of the renewed Fiesta 2022 model

Refurbished Ford Fiesta

Fiesta Style, Titanium and ST from left to right

Titanium and ST styling in 3 packs In the Fiesta Style Pack, which will be available, the grille will be completely renewed and the Ford emblem will be removed from the top of the grille. positioned in the middle we can see. In the vehicle’s Titanium pack, in addition to this grille change, the plastic plates of the ventilation grilles on the sides of the vehicle’s front bumper have been removed. replaced with chrome plates and we can see that it is more important. Finally, in the vehicle’s ST pack, the grille honeycomb grill It can be seen that it has been replaced with black plastic and black painted plastic is used instead of black plastic.

Apart from these, optional LED headlights and anti-glare lamps are available in all packages. Matrix LED There are headlights. Against bad weather thanks to Matrix LED headlights, electronic control unit and traffic detection device “optimize” the headlights and allows you to see ahead in all conditions.

At the rear of the vehicle, the large horizontal headlights that we are used to from Ford Kuga add a little extra to this new Ford Fiesta look. This adds “power”.

So what has changed under the hood?

The engine of the new Fiesta

Of course, not without mentioning the new Fiesta and what’s under the hood. In the Vehicle Styling Pack 1.1L 75PS‘There’s a motor and a 5-speed manual option. When looking at the Titanium package, 1.0L 125PS EcoBoost hybrid We see the 7-speed automatic option with En ST, which is the vehicle’s premium package, 1.5L 200PS petrol and 6-speed manual option.


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According to information provided by Motor1, the vehicle will take its place in dealerships in our country in the first weeks of June. If the minimum recommended retail price of the vehicle is 426,500TL will be announced.

Images of the refurbished Ford Fiesta


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