The iPhone 14 will not deliver the expected performance: here’s why!

Apple may have revealed


Renew phone models every year, keeping them up to date AppleNew in September iPhone 14 is about to present its model. One of these innovations at Apple, which has introduced various updates to its products, is the chips. Finally on the iPhone 13 model at the A15 flea market The company, which includes the iPhone 14 model, with A16 chips should appear. However, according to the information received, these chips will not contain any major innovation.

iPhone 14 chips will be produced with 5nm technology

Apple’s chip supplier TSMCAccording to the roadmap, no major developments are expected in the A16 chips. In the company’s roadmap, chips produced with 3 and 4 nm technology won’t hit the production line until 2023. That’s TSMC with 5nm technology This means that it will continue production.

Apple may have revealed

Apple may have “accidentally” revealed the design of the iPhone 14

In a video claiming to be an Apple Pay ad, the iPhone 14 family design, which is expected to be introduced this year, emerged.

Apparently, iPhone 14intended to be used in A16 chips It will not host any new technology. The fact that 5nm production continues in the A16 chips is considered quite negative. We will see together how the 5nm production method used in the A14 and A15 chips will be moved to the A16 and how this will affect performance. A15 chips Remember that it offers about 10% performance and efficiency compared to the A14. We can see a similar rise in the A16.

Sticking to the same level of production considerably limits the potential gains in performance and energy efficiency. This may also negatively affect the policy used for newer iPhone models. Company news A16 chips Only iPhone Pro models, it is planned to use A15 chips in the standard versions.

It is not uncommon for iPhone chips to be used with the same technology for three consecutive years. Apple was renewing its chip technology at short intervals in order to stand out from the competition. However Pandemic and experienced flea crisis For this reason, it looks like Apple won’t be pushing the envelope this time.

apple too MacBook intended to be used in M2 chips It has been claimed that he will not come this year. Accordingly, in Macbook models M1 chips will continue to be used. Sure Apple, M1 can call the renewed chips “M2” with a small change on the M1. It is believed that the company can follow such a path as a marketing strategy.

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