The pump takes from the people and throws them back to the State.

The pump takes from the people and throws them back to the State.


While gasoline and diesel prices increased by 187% in 7 months, gasoline tax burden increased by 395% and diesel tax burden increased by 354%.

The pump takes from the people and throws them back to the State.

Oil hikes, which do not allow farmers to plant their fields and come into contact with traders, rain down the state. According to SÖZCÜ’s calculations, in the last 7 months the dollar rate has increased by 72%, oil prices have increased by 35% and fuel prices have increased by 197%. However, during the same period, state tax revenue from fuel, which citizens did not dare to buy, increased by 395%, or almost 5 times. Before the price increases, the government charged 15 lira for 100 lira of gasoline. Now he gets 25 lire. The 4-month state tax revenue from fuel was 5 billion lira, now it is 22.5 billion lira.


Rising oil and exchange rates are cited as reasons why petrol, which was sold at 8.41 lira per liter until 7 months ago, and diesel, which was sold at 8, 16 lira, to reach 25 lira today. However, the government’s fiscal policy also plays a vital role in this huge increase. 7 months ago, 15.2 liras on 100 liras of gasoline were taxed, today it is 25.4 liras.

Last year, on October 28, 1.28 lira out of the 8.41 lira paid for each liter of gasoline purchased by the citizen went into the state coffers as tax. Today, the state receives 6.34 lira out of the 25 lira paid for gasoline. Similarly, while 1.24 lira out of the 8.16 lira paid for diesel 7 months ago consisted of tax, today those who buy a liter of diesel for 23.43 lira have to pay 5.63 lira state tax. During this period, gasoline prices increased by 197% and diesel by 187%, while the tax burden paid to the state increased by 395% for gasoline and 354% for diesel. .


The increased tax burden has also been reflected in state tax revenues. In the last 4 months of last year, when Eşel’s mobile system was implemented, the revenue from the state’s Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on fuel sales amounted to 5 billion 113 million lira. In the first 4 months of this year, when Eşel mobile was abolished, SCT collection increased to 22 billion 569 million lira. The collection increased from 6 billion lira to 26.6 billion compared to the same period, since the government also collected the VAT from the SCT which it fixed.

If the tax is removed, gasoline will be cheaper by 6 TL

CHP Hatay MP Mehmet Güzelmansur said that if the state cancels the TBS on fuel and reduces VAT to 1%, gasoline and diesel prices would decrease by about 6 Lira.

Mehmet Guzelmansur

Stating that fuel hikes have increased the price of everything from needle to thread, Güzelmansur said: “Many countries, especially Germany, have abolished the fuel tax in order to relieve their people. If the government also waives the tax for the people, the farmer will return to his field, the taxi drivers, dolmuş drivers and service traders will be spared the losses,” he said.



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