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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Any healthy human body sweats, but while this process is extremely normal for some of us, it turns into a scary dream for some of us. We think we smell sweat all the time, and we don’t even want to stand next to anyone. We especially avoid wearing bright clothes, and sometimes we even find ourselves avoiding the very simple gesture of shaking hands. As there are many causes and effects of excessive sweating, some solutions and suggestions have also been developed for the problem.

Internal medicine specialist Ayşegül Navdar Seyedresuli explained the causes of excessive sweating and suggested solutions for you.

No sweating, but excessive sweating is the problem…

Sweating is an involuntary mechanism that helps maintain body temperature balance while moving or working. Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is the excessive sweating of the body even for no apparent reason. People can sweat even if they are not doing any activity. Sometimes, due to environmental conditions, sweating can be observed 5 times more than normal sweating.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis;

* Primary hyperhidrosis: It usually causes excessive sweating of the hands, feet, face, and armpits for no apparent reason.

* Secondary hyperhidrosis: It occurs by excessive sweating over a much larger area in almost all parts of the body and can often be traced to a medical condition.

The causes of excessive sweating…

At the time of fear, when we are excited or doing sports, the body shows a reaction by sweating. However, when excessive sweating occurs, the body overreacts other than normal sweating and we sweat more than necessary. Although this situation does not matter much, there may be an underlying medical reason and it is certainly worth consulting a specialist.

* Diabetes,

* Lung diseases,

* Certain types of cancer,

* Menopause,

* Overwork of the thyroid glands,

* Hypoglycemia,

* Fever and infection,

* Causes such as tuberculosis can cause excessive sweating.

Skin problems such as eczema and rashes can be seen in areas of excessive sweating. Bacterial infections can also be seen.

When is excessive sweating a risk?

If the following symptoms occur along with sweating, the situation is never as innocent as it seems. At this stage, a specialist should be consulted:

* Shortness of breath

* High fever,

* Increased heart rate,

* Pain in the chest,

* Sudden weight loss.

Can excessive sweating be treated?

Treatment for excessive sweating varies depending on the underlying causes of the sweating. First of all, the underlying discomfort of sweating should be determined by a medical specialist by performing various tests and an appropriate treatment method should be selected. The treatment of sweating can be done by medical, surgical or other methods. At the same time, temporary measures such as the application of botox, iontophoresis and the use of deodorants prevent excessive sweating.

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