TOKİ sells cheap accommodation for 233 thousand TL! Become an owner with a 180 month maturity opportunity and installments of 1,160 TL, 1,270 TL, 1,300 TL!

TOKİ 233 Bin TL'ye Ucuz Konut Satıyor! 180 Ay Vade İmkanı Ve 1.160 TL, 1.270 TL, 1.300 TL Taksitlerle Ev Sahibi Olun!


Those who want to buy houses in Turkey have recently experienced serious grievances at high prices. To be an owner, you have to ignore unimaginable budgets. However, TOKİ almost defies the real estate market in this regard. Although their number is small, the houses offered for sale by TOKİ come to the rescue of those who are looking for cheap accommodation. So why is TOKİ selling these houses at a low price?


TOKİ’s cheap housing system is possible within an established overall structure. First of all, these residences are built on state-owned land donated to TOKİ. The cost of land, which includes the highest cost of rising housing prices, can be reduced to the lowest level in TOKİ houses. Also, TOKİ houses are being built with a tender system. This system also allows a certain reduction in costs. In the end, since there is no profit, houses can be sold to citizens at very low prices.


In recent years, the number of home sales made by TOKİ has decreased significantly. That’s why people wonder if TOKİ will have new housing projects. While TOKİ organizes the tenders for the new projects, it also continues its work on the social housing project consisting of 150,000 units. It has been reported that the details of these 150,000 social housing projects have been announced to the public by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the coming weeks.


Housing sales are currently carried out by TOKİ. Along with the announcements posted on the TOKİ official website, the houses for sale have been announced.

housing sale costs toki 4

Housing sales continue in the housing project carried out by TOKİ in the Pütürge district of Malatya. While house prices start from 233,000 TL, prices can go up to 400,000 TL depending on size and floor. Additionally, installments are provided for those who wish to buy a house in TOKİ. Accordingly, these TOKİ residences can be purchased with a maturity of 180 months, provided that a 10% deposit is paid.

toki housing sales cost 1-1

Once the deposit of 23,000 TL is paid, the remaining amount can be paid in installments of 1,165 TL for 180 months.

toki housing sales cost 2-2

For this house, which TOKİ has put up for sale for 255,000 TL, a deposit of 25,000 TL is paid, followed by a deposit of 1,278 TL for 180 months.

toki housing sales cost 3

After a deposit of 26,000 TL is requested for the house, which is advertised for sale for 261,000 TL by TOKİ, installments of 1,305 TL are paid for 180 months.


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