Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu; Ugurcan Cakir, Antoine…

Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu;  Ugurcan Cakir, Antoine...


President Ahmet Ağaoğlu gave an exclusive interview to broadcaster Trabzonspor, who finished the 2021-2022 season as champions. The Bordeaux-Mavililer boss has made important statements on everything from A to Z. Now the word is out on Storm’s number 1…

“Ahmetcan received a serious offer”

“There will be players who will leave. There are no players who are certain to leave, there will be a possibility. The only offer I can take seriously came from Ahmetcan. The work of the players who will replace the players who are likely to leave has been more or less sealed off. There are 10-12 players we are in contact with and negotiations are ongoing.”

‘Nwakaeme seems to be fine…’

“We made the highest offer we could make to Nwakaeme. You played for the first year, plus the performance criteria to extend it. That’s what Trabzonspor can do. That doesn’t worry me. that he is 33 years old, but my budget is certain, I have to stay within these limits. Money is not important to me, “he said. Then I perceive him as if he does not there was no problem.

“I am in favor of keeping Uğurcan”

“I am in favor of keeping Uğurcan in the team. If a really good offer comes… When you take Uğurcan Çakır out of the goal, you have to put a goalkeeper of that caliber or a similar caliber in there. Say you sell for 10 but fill it for 7. Value for 3 me?”

“Rejecting Abdulkadir’s offer is the regret of my life”

“It’s my life’s regret that I turned down Manchester City’s €23m offer to Abdulkadir. It happened 3 days after I gave Yusuf.”

“They said you were the champion, they narrowly escaped relegation!”

“The word ‘Next year we are champions…’ You have to work. It doesn’t happen by making jokes. Then you have to lift a trophy in training.”

“They showed us the lack of patience”

“When we arrived in the administration, we were aware of the problems ahead of us. As I have been in the administration of Trabzonspor for around 32 years, 30 years is an important experience. In terms of knowledge of the community and perception expectations. After declaring the championship, I thanked our fans and our community. They showed us a patience that had never existed before and they believed in us.”

“We overcame the difficult process with the support of the community”

“The 2019-20 season would have been a start to the league for us. We always said we were in this race. The following year we came to UEFA, we stayed in the groups. But there are had a very difficult process due to the effect of the pandemic. It was the first time that matches were played without spectators. It was really difficult. There was a break for a while. We lost many momentum. Naturally, different factors came into play. We finished the season second.” We were banned from Europe because of the violation of the budget signed with UEFA. This process has affected us negatively. The community showed us patience there. With his support, we got through it in a very short time.”

“Konyaspor has taken root”

“The following year we weren’t able to get the start we wanted in the league. You expect 20-25 million euros in income, you are deprived of that when you come from Europe. If Trabzonspor’s income is from one, Beşiktaş from three and a half, Galatasaray and the five and a half from Fenerbahçe. But something is wrong. Let’s not neglect it, Konyaspor with a budget of 12 million euros has taken root for everyone this year. There is something important here. It shows that you can’t spend too much money and be successful. You have to combine strength and intelligence.

“We have not reduced the losses of others”

“What some don’t understand is that for the past two years we have been completely focused on our own business. We haven’t looked to our right or to our left. We have focused inside the pitch. We didn’t cut There are different branches of the sport, blame others. It’s something that gets done, but when you do it all the time, your community will suffer too.” He starts to disbelieve you . He asks, “Are you not guilty at all?

“You send the player without the ball touching his feet”

“We did the planning for this season in February and March last season. The transfer list was ready in April. The friendlies and the camp schedule were clear. While we were doing that, some of our opponents didn’t didn’t agree with the coach. . Before the ball even hits his feet, you have to put money in your pocket and send the player to another team.”

“Our football economy is in a bind!”

“The country’s football economy is at a very critical point, in the midst of a very serious crisis. UEFA has published a report. Nobody knows about it. The football budget of 3 countries is negative. One of them is Turkey. Turkey, minus 150 per cent. Just looking at that, what a dead end. You see it’s in the economics of football.”

“They slept with perception, added with perception”

“They slept with the perception, they woke up with the perception. They said it was a project signed for Trabzonspor. If my 1 billion was structured, a debt of more than 10 billion from 3 clubs was structured. The purpose was to relieve UEFA and put the debts on a payable schedule.”



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