Very harsh reaction from Beşiktaş to Cem Küçük: “We condemn the manuscript of the author Küçük”

Very harsh reaction from Beşiktaş to Cem Küçük: "We condemn the manuscript of the author Küçük"


Turkish newspaper writer Cem Küçük made allegations about Beşiktaş’s tax debt in the program Football in the Studio broadcast on TGRT. When discussing politics, football and tax breaks with studio guests, Küçük said: “This is for all teams. If it’s downloading, you do what the policy says. If he doesn’t want politics, will Beşiktaş stay in the middle? If politics wants it, he can finish Beşiktaş in one day; A phone call ends the job, Beşiktaş won’t stay in the middleHis words “were remarkable.

Besiktas, “If politics wants it, he can finish Beşiktaş in one day; Beşiktaş will not stay in the middleHe reacted to Cem Küçük who made the comment.

Beşiktaş’ statement is as follows:

“We strongly condemn the manuscript of journalist and writer, Cem Küçük, who unknowingly crossed the line and commented: “If politics wants, he can finish Beşiktaş”, in the show Football in the studio broadcast on TGRT on Sunday May 29 2022. It is clear that these ignoramuses, who have ideas in both fields without knowledge of politics and sports, go beyond their limits to line their pockets for the sake of economic benefit.

Provocateurs who think of doing journalism using someone’s name should know that next year we will celebrate the 120th anniversary of Beşiktaş together with the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

We invite prosecutors to take part in the implementation of Law No. 6222 preventing violence and disorder in sports for the so-called television commentator who works to disturb the public peace. Because the Beşiktaş community is not a place where these talkers and others like them will somersault with their jesters. You should know that the lashes of this will be heavy.

As an example of the sensitivity and support that our state shows to each taxpayer with its institutions concerned, the “mind in suspense” campaign was launched for this person, who was so crazy that the tax cut that we applied, without any privileges, was on the verge of confiscating them with their familiar style, and in this way, perhaps it turned out that he had a mind that he could just think, so that he can learn to think first and then to think correctly.

We would like to remind the Turkish sporting public on this occasion that;

Beşiktaş DOES NOT END!

Regarding public information

Beşiktaş JK”


The Ordinary Financial and Administrative General Assembly for 2021 was held at the Akatlar Sports Complex in Beşiktaş. At the ordinary administrative and financial general meeting of 2021, it was announced that the debt of blacks and whites was 4 billion 900 million 612 thousand 642 TL. As general assembly member Berk Tunca was delivering his speech, there was tension in the room and after Tunca’s speech, a quarrel broke out among the members.



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