Website recommendations for gamers

Website recommendations for gamers

Did you know that there are many websites that will add flavor to your gaming experience and make your job much easier? We are here with a new list of recommendations of these websites that we think can be useful for anyone who plays games.

The gaming industry is a market that continues to evolve and grow. As such, sometimes we can find ourselves stuck among hundreds of options. That’s why it will allow you to customize your gaming experience and it can be very useful. website recommendations We are with you.

Whether you play games from your computer, console or mobile devices; here for everyone there is a website. So, come on, let’s get to our list.

Websites that can be useful to all players:

You no longer need the Notes app: GG App

Have you ever thought about creating collections, writing reviews, and creating custom lists that will make it easier for you to keep track of the games you’ve played or will play? If your answer is yes, we can say that GG App is for you. Create a collection of games you’ve completed or a list of games you want to complete in the future. How to use GG it’s entirely up to you.

You can also follow your friends or other players on GG and discover their creations. same like a social network You can also download the site which you can use as an app for your Android and iOS devices.

Name your favorite game, get a new recommendation: Games Finder

Games Finder is actually based on a very simple system. The only question you need to answer here is: ”What game am I looking for a similar game to?‘will be. When you enter a game name in the search field; the system will offer you the most similar games to this game, and the similar games with the most user votes will be listed on the top.

Game search; the computer, console and portable Although it provides gaming services, it should be noted that some game recommendations are not yet included on this site and you may not get a healthy recommendation for every game you search for.

When will this end? : How long to beat

If you’re an active gamer, How Long To Beat is a site you should definitely use. The game you are playing or will play in the future. how long will it take on average The site is very useful for you to know how many hours you have to sacrifice before starting a game. So even if you progress through the game for hours, you will be able to guess which part of the game you are in and thus direct your gaming experience.

This site, which can be very useful for computer, console and mobile games, offers many services, including a forum. Also, after completing a game; By entering your own game details in How long to beat, you can improve stats and also help other players. you can contribute.

Did someone say cheap game? : Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle, which once sold game bundles consisting of dozens of hit games at a very affordable price, now continues this business under the name “Humble Choice”. If we consider that there is no local pricing in Humble Bundle and the prices have increased due to the increase in the dollar rate; Although it is much less profitable than before, it is still very useful to you. affordable packages possible to find.

In addition, the site, which does a lot of campaigns from time to time, also offers quite good packages for books and applications. A large portion of the price of each product sold donate to charities Humble Bundle gives you the option to donate the product you purchased to the organization of your choice. The site offers the majority of games that you buy through Steam and Epic Games codes.

What Critics Say: Metacritic

Metacritic, which can be a must-have site especially for people who like to play games and have limited time, “Let’s play the best while I’m playing” or “Oh, this is the first time I’m hearing about it This is a very good score. If you are wondering how many points the game you are playing/will be playing has received from professional game reviewers and want to read its reviews, Metacritic and its alternative Opencriticwe can say that the two best platforms where you can do it.

Also, on Metacritic”User RatingThanks to the ” system, you can write your own small review of the games you have played and completed, and you can also give your rating. In her; In addition to games for consoles, computers and mobiles, many works such as films and music are also rated.

The Largest Dictionary in Gaming History: PlayStation Ultimate Gaming Glossary

PlayStation recently gave us a very sweet surprise for gamers and released a massive games dictionary. This dictionary, which you can easily access on the Internet; ‘git-gudof, ‘jugglingIt contains almost every word that has been used in the game world up to .

If you have a keen interest in the gaming world and are interested in this dictionary, which contains sections of almost all game genres, you can easily new playing conditions you can learn. Since the dictionary is prepared by PlayStation; As such, many words only cover PlayStation.

For PlayStation users: PSPrices

If you are a PlayStation user and want to purchase game prices during discount periods If you want to follow, we can say that PSPrices is exactly the address you are looking for. The site, which shows when the game you want to buy was last discounted and how much it’s been discounted at the lowest TL so far, can help you plan your budget.

In addition, the site, which shows the duration of the current discount on a game, makes it easy to browse all the achievements. If you decide to register on the site, you can get a free game for the game you want. create notification It should be noted that you also have the option. Like that; You can receive an email reminder when the game you are following is on sale.

Entertainment centers: Reddit

We’re sure you’ve heard of Reddit at least once. Although Reddit is a huge platform; here game side we will quote. It’s possible to use Reddit as a place where you can join the communities of the games you love and play, and share with other gamers in those communities, ask questions, and produce fun content.

Also, directly on Reddit current game news You can also see it as a platform where you can follow and get information about whatever topic you want.

Whatever you’re looking for: SteamDB

SteamDB, each active Steam user It is a very useful site. In her; The site, which offers a pricing service just like PSPrices, offers plenty of information from when the next Steam discount arrives on the most played games to date.

In addition, thanks to SteamDB, you can browse many data of the game you want, and even subscribe to possible leaks (which appeared in the database before the official announcement of the PC version of God of War ). SteamDB a hobby project It should also be noted that this has nothing to do with Valve.

For Xbox Users: XB Deals

Just like PSPrices, XB Deals gives you instant access to the discounted price of the game you want to track, when it was last discounted, and lots of in-game information. For Xbox Users It is a very useful site.

The site, which also shows Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play games, also offers each game’s positive review and Metacritic score. This way, you can easily keep track of the games you’re considering buying, and when they are on sale, you can use the site to send you a notification. you can create a reminder.


What is the “Metacritic Review Score” that keeps us ahead of games, why is it so important?

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