Why was the “Copy-Paste” function not present on the first iPhone?

Why was the "Copy-Paste" function not present on the first iPhone?


The first model of iPhone introduced by Apple in 2007 did not have the copy-paste function which one cannot imagine its absence today. So what was the reason for this? Let’s take a direct look at the former Apple engineer’s comments.

Apple’s introduction of the first iPhone model and revolutionize phones more than 15 years have passed. In that 15-year span, our smartphones have come to a point unimaginable in the past, and the features that the first iPhone had and hadn’t started to look like a joke. But did you know that the first iPhone didn’t even have copy and paste?

Yes, on the first iPhone you had no way to copy and paste text. Former Apple software engineer and designer Ken Kocienda also spoke in his latest interview. Why is this feature not available? Explain. Kocienda’s story was both funny and interesting.

Apple engineers couldn’t catch up:

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