Ziraat Bank VakıfBank and Halkbank have merged and announced that they will provide loans up to 50,000 TL to retired citizens.

Ziraat Bankası VakıfBank ve Halkbank birleşerek emekli olan vatandaşlara 50.000 TL'ye kadar kredi vereceğini açıkladı

Retired citizens seek public banks first when they want to use consumer loans. Ziraat Bank, VakıfBank and Halkbank, which serve as state banks, continue to be Hope, with their campaigns. People with a pension account in this bank are offered quick loan approval.

If you receive your pension through these banks, you can use the consumer loans whenever you want by applying. People who will use consumer loans through Ziraat Bank VakıfBank and Halkbank can get approval even if their credit score is low if their pension is in this bank.

Pensioners who will apply for consumer loans through Ziraat Bank VakıfBank and Halkbank can use loans up to the age of 75. While the bank transacts with you with a maturity of 36 months for loans up to 50,000 TL, if you get a loan approval of more than 50,000 TL, you will be able to use a debt settlement loan and create a payment chart with a 24-month maturity.

How to apply for a retirement loan?

If retirees wish to use consumer credit, they must collect a pension from these banks to make their request. If you receive your pension from public banks, you can apply for a loan without any conditions and if you have never used a loan before, you can transact and use a consumer loan.

It has been announced that people who will use the credit in applications to be made through the pension account will grant a 90-day deferred loan on the first payment.

You can go to the nearest bank branch and apply for a loan with your identity card through a special account manager. People who do not have time to visit bank branches, if they want to know if they have received loan approval up to 50,000 TL, can apply for a loan by logging into the official websites of Ziraat Bank VakıfBank and Halkbank. Apart from these 36 month term loans, the bank will also assist you in loans such as credit card loans, deposit accounts, home loans, car loans and offer you low interest rates.

If you transfer your pension to these banks, if you agree to receive a salary from this bank for 3 years, you will receive a pension promotion of up to 750 TL.

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