State of Play Event Highlights

PlayStation Oyunu Spider-Man PC'ye Geliyor! İşte Sony State of Play'den Öne Çıkan Tüm Gelişmeler


Sony answered many of the questions we were looking forward to with the State of Play event held today. Let’s discover together the novelties announced during the event.

Sony’s long-awaited Game state event was done today. During the event, which the players followed with great enthusiasm, many unexpected developments were announced as well as the expected news.

The development that excites most of us is From the Spider-Man universe The long-awaited news has arrived. Let’s take a closer look at the event details and what is being promoted.

Marvel’s long-awaited Spider-Man game news has arrived!

The long-awaited statement on Marvel’s Spider-Man game, which has been expected to come with a new game or a redesign for some time, has finally arrived. Sony has announced that the remastered version of the game will be available for computers on August 12.

We will have to wait longer for Final Fanstasy XVI (which will be released in the summer of 2023)

Resident Evil 4 Remake is coming!

The fourth game in the Resident Evil series, which has become a classic in the gaming world, is about to appear with a remake. Although the posted video is quite short, it can be said that the Resident Evil vibe, which is the style that players are used to, is felt here and there.

Unfortunately, it will be a long wait for this game where Resident Evil 4 is reworked. Because the release date of the game has been given as March 24, 2023.

PlayStation VR exclusive version of Resident Evil Village:

No Man’s Sky – State of Play is coming to PlayStation VR2 on June 2!

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution Will Meet Players This Year

Street Fighter 6 is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5!

Another game we had to wait for its arrival was Street Fighter 6. Sony pointed to the date of 2023 in its statement on the release date of the game.

First Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain gameplay video (coming to PlayStation VR only)

First impressions of the gameplay of Stray, the new PlayStation game where you will embody a “cat” (available on PS 4 and 5 on July 19)

Callisto Protocool is preparing to hit the market on December 2:

Tunic meets PlayStation 4 and 5 players on September 27:


Sony announces that all free games will be on the renewed PlayStation Plus [Video]


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